CSV User Upload v1.8.2 RC

  • Hi,

    any chance hat this great plugin gets updated for elgg 2.0

    I have the problem that it stops after the first imported user (and shows just a empty white screen) in 2.0.1



  • You are right, thanks  -that works. Actually it worked after I renamed the CSV file (I used the same file for years now) - kept structure and data, just renamed the file.

    Not sure what made the difference. Also maybe the version here would have worked as well with renaming the CSV file.

  • Trigger some events when importing users

    Hi everyone.
    Great plugin.

    I am using the lastest release of your plugin but I have some troubles.
    I have written a plugin which trigger some events when user account is created. My plugin works perfectly. I trigger an event as you can see in the following line.

    elgg_register_event_handler('create', 'user', 'my_function');

    But when I import users through your plugin my_function is not triggered. So I dont know what's wrong.

    What should I do ?

    Best regard

  • @Hermand Pessek I think the 'register', 'user' plugin hook is used instead of 'create', 'user'.

  • Thanks @iionly for your answer. In such case what I am suppose to do. I read the online documentation and I found that 'register' is not and event. so I cannot do the following.

    elgg_register_event_handler('register', 'user', 'my_function');

    What am I suppose to do ?

    Best regard

  • It's not an event but a plugin hook that gets triggered by the upload_users plugin after the user account is created (for example you could also add a callback function for this plugin hook that would return false if the account should not get created - in this case upload_users deletes the account again right away).

    It works quite similar to the event handler registration, i.e. register the handler in the init function of your plugin with:

    elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('register', 'user', 'my_function');

    And then add your function. The $params array contains some data you could make use of if necessary:

     * @param string $hook Equals 'register'
     * @param string $type Equals 'user'
     * @param boolean $return Return flag received by the hook
     * @param array $params An array of additional hook parameters
     * @return boolean
    function my_function($hook, $type, $return, $params) {
        // Extracting user entity from $params array
        $user = elgg_extract('user', $params);
        // Other data that is likely available
        // (they come from the csv file and are used when creating the user account in the uploadUser() function
        // in mod/upload_users/classes/UploadUsers.php and are added to the $hook_params array the 'register', 'user' hook is triggered with)
        // User entity guid: $params['guid']
        // User entity username: $params['username']
        // Password: $params['password']
        // Display name: $params['name']
        // Email address: $params['email']
        <YOUR CODE HERE>
        // You can just return the value of the return flag received by the hook
        // You would return false if the account should not get created for whatever reason
        return $return;

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