Glee Theme: Draft One v1.8-12.03.13

Release Notes

/** * @version 1.8-12.03.13 */

  • builds on glee framework
  • 'modals' for 'login', 'forgot_password', 'register' (thanks to coolsam for the suggestion!)
  • removed unecessary files
  • added INSTALL.txt
  • @ thanks 13net for updating the plugin. :)

  • @13net Please add the screenshots for modal window for login and register. 

  • @13net I just added the plugin along with framework and saw the nice modal effects. However the left side navigation menu seems to be broken. 

  • @ When the draft one theme is active then the tinymce editor doesnot show menu buttons (I am using iionly tinymce and that is just an extension of tinymce with advanced menu buttons.).

  • @coolsam thanks for your suggestions - we will add a screenshot of the modals during the day. Regarding the navigation on the left side: Please flush your caches and upgrade - if you have the Menuitem for 1.8 (phloor_menuitem) then disable the css via the plugin settings (this will change with the next release of Menuitem). Please tell us if that solved your problem!

    @all coolsam used the opportunity to give suggestions (real good ones) and we have implemented them right away - Thank you so much coolsam :)

    So let us know what think and what you'd like to see in this theme!

  • @13net thanks for your kind words. I finally got a working navigation panel. I did as you directed (I disabled the phoolr menuitem as well as phoolr menu manager. I will wait for the new version) and both my problems i.e the navigation as well as tinymce plugin started working again. I will check the compatibility of more plugins with theme Draft One and will give my report. 

  • @13net draft one is working fine with widget manager,mobilize and profile manager.

  • Hi nice plugin. However in admin section, more info for the plugins is not showing. May be some thing with font colour. How to solve it?

  • Also how to change the height of the "input text box". Thanks

  • @coolsam you do not have to disable Menuitem or MenuManager - there is a setting in Menuitem that should label "Disable additional CSS" or something like that (the next version of this plugin will have a setting "Enable additional CSS" so the stylesheets will not be added automatically).

    @kashif i dont understand exactly what you mean - if you dont see the admin section please "flush caches" and "upgrade". The height of the input text box can be changed in the css files (views/default/css/elements/forms.php).

  • @13net. Thanks for responding. My first problem is that in the plugin administration area, every plugin has tab of "more info", where we can see dependencies i;e " Check dependencies under more info."

    Now when i enable the glee theme i can click on "more info" tab but could not see any thing there.

    I have "flush caches" and "upgrade" as you suggested.

    2nd in the phloor demo the input text field height is fine i;e  " input.elgg-input-text 1086 px X 30 px, but in my case it is 1086 px X 18px. Any suggestion for this?

  • @kashif hm.. so.. i still dont know exactly whats wrong: you must have "phloor", "glee" and "glee_theme_draft_one" installed (i know.. its a little bit annoying to download 3 plugins to get something to work - but once everything is set up - it will work like a swiss watch :)

    We are aware of the problem with heights of input fields (just experience them on chromium though - can you confirm this?) - and they should be resolved with this new release - if you have more questions please contact us via support [monkey tail] 13net [dot] at

    Have a nice day.

  • @kashif aahh.. damn.. now i can reproduce what you mean - apparently the "more" section of the plugins does not work properly.. => thanks for reporting.

    Nonetheless.. it's not a major issue: the content IS there but stays "hidden" when you click "more". We will fix that of course - thank you.

    Apart from this, is there any other problem?

  • @kashif we have located the problem..

    elgg has a css class "hidden" with "display:none".. and bootstrap has a css class "hidden" with "visibility:hidden".. if you click on "more info" it will apply "display:block" but still stays hidden because of the "visibility:hidden" rule..

    I am not quite sure at the moment how to fix this because we dont want to release an ugly "workaround" for it but come up with a universal solution.. any sophisticated ideas? :)

  • bind jquery attr control to the DIV's attr  ?

  • @13net. Thanks a lot for looking into the problem. Unfortunately im not a developer so can not offer any comments on it.

    One more thing thus the"glee" framework plugin creates a new folder in theme plugin folder by itself and changes the size of start.php from 2 kb to 4 kb? I have noticed this and when i do the fresh download of theme plugin (oldone deleted) and enable it, site got crashed. ( localhost site on xampp)

    I could not check the  input-text field size problem with IE and firefox. I observed it with chrome.

  • @kashif "One more thing thus the"glee" framework plugin creates a new folder in theme plugin folder by itself and changes the size of start.php from 2 kb to 4 kb?" - what? no folder and no file will be touched by this plugin. It does not create any directory nor does it change any files by itself.

    @dhrup: there has to be a non-js solution.

  • @ok. May be i make some mistake in unzipping the folder. I will revert tomorrow. Thanks for your flexible approach.

  • @13net. Sorry for late reply. It was my mistake. I was not using the latest phloor framework, which causes the site to crash and in desperation i duplicate the theme folder. Nice theme. 

  • @kashif dont bother - time is a resource.. and we dont have much of it either. So thanks for your reply! The theme is our first one.. and I asked a professional designer the other day what he thought about it.. and.. yeah.. he really did not like it :D

    We are about to make some slight changes (font, position of navigation/logo/header, changing between static and fluid layout, etc.) and hopefully improve it's usabilty/design ... but all in all it does and will not use any complex layout structure - everything in this theme can be considered as built into 'bootstrap'.

    This does not apply to any future themes of course. 'Draft One' is and will be always as simple as it has been in the first release.

  • @13net. There is always room for improvements and everyone has its own likings and disliking. For me this theme is silky, nice and easy, same like bright theme for elgg 1.8 by easy82 and front page like of dalvar pro from rj.  Would love to see the revisions and more themes from you.

  • @13Net:

    I missed the post some days ago ;-)

    I've had a look into - class "hidden" & "display:none" <=> class "hidden" & "visibility:hidden".. click @ "more info" - apply "display:block" but still hidden because "visibility:hidden"

    It would seem to be the basic & different functioning of the two properties !

    Off the 'top of my head'.. - How about applying both the pproperties uniformly in both instances ? without testing code here ;-) -- my thoughts tend towards a workable and clean resolution. let me know if this simplistic attitude gets "click to show" working consistently.




  • @dhrup thanks for your input.. i am aware of the semantic differences of the properties.. thats why it's kind of hard to decide how to apply a reliable solution here.. elgg and bootstrap expect different things from their definition of the 'hidden' css class.. but its not like we can just write something like an 'adapter' in css.. bootstraps 'hidden' css class "decorates" Elggs 'hidden' class.. is there any chance to change this without touching their code? [Elgg's code should not be changed because some js relies on it] ...none of us is a css/design guru so the solution might be quite simple.. or.. its not.. hm..

    three very bad thoughts came to mind so far.. all end up in unforseable side effects and/or the loss of flexibilty:

    1. Change the bootstrap css => bad idea
    2. Change 'hidden' of visibility whenever the state of display changes from 'none' to something else via javascript => even worse idea
    3. Write specific workarounds for every problem (admin plugin area, probably page menu subitems too, etc..) => unsatisfying..

    fyi..i think.. elggs definition of 'hidden' seems more reasonable.. if i set something to be "hidden".. it should not be appear at all.. (whereas "still taking some space" is noticeable and therefore not "hidden")..

  • @kashif thanks very much. but as you said.. everyone has its own preferences.. but all in all he had just been honest.. and it ended up in adopting some of his ideas... so.. it was a "win vs. dont lose" situation anyway :D [also.. he is more into designing business websites.. not community sites.. which is a little bit different in our point of view)..

  • @13net. How to change the width of left side vertical site menu navigation area.


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