Colors Theme for 1.8 vAir

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  • hy speedy
    how to implement the plugin into elgg site? 

  • To add an elgg plugin to your site, acess your filemanager (FTP or through your host) and go to the place with the Elgg installation usually just public_html. Then go to the mod folder, upload the .zip folder extract it and then go to your website in the Plugins section and click activate.

  • Hi,

    Sou do Brasil, estou começando agora no ELGG, como faço para mudar a cor do site, tirar aquele azul

    padrão eu queria colocar um salmão clarinho. Desde ja agradeço e fico aguardando.

    o meu ELGG é 1.8.6 

Ben Potter

Web Developer, Networking, and elgg enthusiast. Began developing elgg plugins @ 11 years.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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