Bright Theme for 1.8 v1.0

Release Notes

26-02-2012 22:49:00 @easy82:

- Initial release v1.0 for Elgg 1.8.3.

  • Beautiful Theme, Thank You

  • Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :)

  • Nice Theme.. Recommended ... Great work.. :)

  • Yall ought to actually "click" recommend not just write it, wont help the devs much :)

    Nice theme mate!

  • Thank you, guys!

    If you use it on a production site, could you show it to me? I'd like to ditch all the possible bugs and glitches. :)

  • @easy82 the sprite for showing new message is awesome.Can you do the same for friend request as the default new friend request graphic doesnot match the theme. Friend request plugin is the third party plugin so see if can change the default graphics or not.

  • @coolsam001:

    Hmmm do you mean the red circle? With a number in the center? Actually, that's not a sprite but box with rounded corners so that it looks like sprite. But it could be a sprite as well, it doesn't really matter. It's in 'bright-theme/views/default/messages/css.php', and seek for '.messages-new' class.

    So this friend request stuff is a separate plugin, right? I'm gonna download it and see if I can do it.

  • It seems that we'd have to change the way the Friend Request plugin works, and I cannot seem to find the code responsible for this action... (Also, I'm dumb to php.)

    On the other side, if you can find and modify that code part to print out the number of friend requests without the [] characters, let's say, into a <span class="friend-requests-new"></span> then it'd be possible to modify the css.php, and then they'd look the same.

    Maybe you could ask the developer of the Friend Request plugin to help to put the number into a span tag?

  • Hello, please help, i would like to add a picture/logo to the header next to the website name.

    Please can you advise how i do this, Thank You

    i am assuming its in here somewhere? would you know how to determine picture size as well?


    background: #05d url(<?php echo elgg_get_site_url(); ?>mod/bright-theme/graphics/header.png) repeat-x top left;

  • @mpcourt:

    There are more solutions, but this is the easiest:

    1. Put your icon to 'bright-theme/graphics/' directory, say it's 'logo.png'.

    2. Go to 'bright-theme/views/default/css/elements/layout.php' and find this class: '.elgg-page-default .elgg-page-header > .elgg-inner'.

    3. Add this line to the end of this class: 'background: transparent url(<?php echo elgg_get_site_url(); ?>mod/bright-theme/graphics/logo.png) no-repeat repeat-x 0px 20px;'. Probably you'll have to adjust this last part (20px).

    4. Ok now the logo should be there, but the title is on the logo, so we should move it a little bit to the right. Go to 'bright-theme/views/default/css/elements/typography.php', and seek for '.elgg-heading-site, .elgg-heading-site:hover'.

    5. Right, now change this line of it: 'padding: 10px 15px;' to 'padding: 10px 15px 10px 60px;'. You'll need to adjust this last part (60px) until you like it.

    Don't forget that if you want to see the changes, flush the caches on the administrator page, unless you might not see the change!

    Now I go and actually try this out, and see if it really works... :D

  • I've made a mistake, here's the fix for point 3:

    3. Add this line to the end of this class: 'background: transparent url(<?php echo elgg_get_site_url(); ?>mod/bright-theme/graphics/logo.png) no-repeat 0px 20px;'. Probably you'll have to adjust this last part (20px).

  • Ok. Forget about it! Here's the bestest solution :D

    1. Put your icon to 'bright-theme/graphics/' directory, say it's 'logo.png'.

    2. Go to 'bright-theme/views/default/css/elements/typography.php' and find this class: '.elgg-heading-site, .elgg-heading-site:hover'.

    3. Modify it to: 

    .elgg-heading-site, .elgg-heading-site:hover {

      display: inline-block;

    font-size: 2em;

      font-weight: normal;

    line-height: 1.5em;

      letter-spacing: 2px;

    color: #fff;

    text-shadow: 0px 2px 5px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);

    text-decoration: none;

      background: transparent url(<?php echo elgg_get_site_url(); ?>mod/bright-theme/graphics/logo.png) no-repeat 0px 10px; /* Adjust this line! */

      padding: 10px 15px 10px 80px; /* Adjust this line! */

      margin-top: 10px;


    4. Flush the caches on the admin page. Tadaaa! Well done. :)

  • Brilliant, you are great Thank You.


  • Hey easy, thanks again, here is my modified version of your theme, still working on it some more though..

    Modifications are inside really so you will have to log in to see it, actually working on the index index atm

  • Thanks Flexx, I'm on your site now, looking around. :)

  • Hello again, would you know how to change 'The Wire' to 'The Catch'      ?

  • @mpcourt: Actaully, that has nothing to do with the theme, but you can find it here: 'mod/thewire/languages/en.php'. I believe by editing this file you can change all the occourances of 'the wire' phrase. After editing, clear the caches! :)

  • I could not install from an error

    bright-theme-1.0 não é um plugin válido

    if you can help thank you now

  • @diegorodrigo: Are you sure you use Elgg 1.8? If yes, you might need to set the right permissons on the 'bright-theme' folder and on all it's contents. If you're on linux, try the chmod command, and the right settings should be 766.

  • @diegorodrigo: Or maybe you have copied the whole folder (bright-theme-1.0)? You should only copy the 'bright-theme' folder (it's inside the main folder) into 'elgg/mod/'.

  • this was my mistake untarred the direct mod folder, put the entire folder.
    thanks for the help.
    excellent theme.

  • Okay then! :) I'm glad you like it!

  • Totally Awesome theme! Recommended!!!




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