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  • @Speedysnail6 easiest way would be to register hook handlers for the various permissions_check hooks in the moderator roles configuration array, see here. Then, in your hook implementation, check if the given piece of content (object, comment, annotation) etc belongs to an admin. If yes, register an error message and return false from your hook handler.

  • okay. I get it. I think I'll edit the actions ban, edit profile, edit settings,etc. and check if the desired user to ban is an admin. Thanks!

  • Hello,

    I'm having trouble with extending menu items. I already use default "Reporetd content" menu item that is added by the plugin but if I add another item to the menu only last one listed is displayed. Can we add more than one item to the menu and how?

    Here is my code:

    'menus' => array( 'site' => array( 'rule' => 'extend', 'menu_item' => array( 'name' => 'reported_content', 'text' => 'Reported Content', 'href' => 'admin/administer_utilities/reportedcontent', ) ), 'site' => array( 'rule' => 'extend', 'menu_item' => array( 'name' => 'textlink', 'text' => Test Link, 'href' => 'test/link', ) ) }

     Any help appreciated.

  • Anyone knows if this is possible or it is just a flaw in the plugin?


  • You are setting the 'site' key once, then overriding it with the second option

    I haven't used roles to extend the menu before but I'm guessing you would need to declare an array of menu items or something

  • @Beck24 , I did try put it in array inside 'site' menu several ways but no luck.

    Maybe Andras can help if he gets back to this page.

    thanks for reply tho :)

  • Question: why not add the menu item in the 'elgg way' with a normal menu item registration, then restrict it from roles you don't want to have access to it?

  • @Beck24 , that is exactly what I ended up doing, Thanks a lot :)

    Now I'm facing different issue though and I've seen similar discussions but not any concrete solutions :(

    Since you have to make user admin first before making him/her a moderator. this new moderator can edit "main" admin settings and anything else.

    How can we protect "main" admin (first admin that installed the Elgg) from any other admins changing his/her details/settings?

    I also noticed that first admin created always gets Guid 35. Can this be used possibly? If so where would we include this so it takes affect everywhere-be global? ( what I mean so we don't have to include this piece of code to many views but rather to be global condition)

    Hopefully someone has already dealt with this issue. Thanks in advance

  • i want this plugin!!!!!!! but i do not want mods having admin rights... its not fair wish i could make a plugin for this : (

  • it works and the user can not access administrator settings but can delete my admin profile and ban me etc which is not good so ''how do i stop moderators from doing that?''

    If no one can give me a easy way to do this i give up with this plugin : ( disabled it as maybe someone can advice me in a very basic way how to fix the problem,

    i havent got a clue what this means: Question: why not add the menu item in the 'elgg way' with a normal menu item registration, then restrict it from roles you don't want to have access to it? sorry i am not a elgg expert : (

  • for anyone who doesnt mind moderators having rights to ban you or delete you but can not access adminitration settings, just download this and  make the user moderator then admin and it will work perfect : ), i may just do that but will wait to see if i can stop mods from deleting my account! ^_^ please reply need feeedback asap disabled both plugins till then.

  • found a solution! MAKE A SECRET ADMIN ACCOUNT and make that user admin another acount for yourself and then you wont be locked out if someone bans or deleted you : ) well best i can think of for now!

  • Hi all, is there a simple way to remove the "admin-section" of the "user-hover" menu for the moderator-role? 

    'user_hover' => array('rule' => 'deny')

    removes nealy the whole menu and selecting a special menu-item with 'user_hover::menu_item' seems not working.

    Thanx for Answer!

  • Hi, I'm using this plugin and the login as plugin and I would like to prevent moderators from using the login as option. Is this possible?

    I'd also like to remove the ability to ban other admins/mods from moderators.

  • worked like clock !

    but !!! moderator where can see reporten content ???

  • Has anyone managed to disable the admin features for the moderator role?

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