Release Notes

- Enhancement: allow admins to define a role when adding a user from admin insterface

- Bugfix: the role should not default to logged in user role, when user_guid is provided

- Bugfix: reset 'roles_hash' plugin setting, when roles are deleted

- Enhancement: expose automatic reset as a plugin setting, and delete roles on plugin deactivation rather than activation

  • Why there is no comment for this great pluggin? anyway, I just have 'No specific role' in the role selection combo box.

  • Because it simply works :)

    You first have to set up roles (use the docs delivered with the plugin to see how it's done)After you have set up roles, you can use the users settingspage to assign a different role to the user.

  • @Dries

    yes, its a great plugin as I mentioned but unfortunately it doesn't simply works!

    I found in the disscussion of previous releases that

    After changing the configuration array, make sure you visit any page on your site as admin!!!!. This is necessary for the changes to take effect.

    First, its an odd requirement and I wish it could be resolved someway.

    Second, if its so important I expect more emphasis on it in the documents


    Beside, How can I remove some title:add menu and keep others? for example to remove the add menu for pages and file but keep it for groups?

    if i use title::add key in the menu array, it could be used just for all context or one context


  • I solved my second problem, sorry, I forgot context itself is an array and we can determine our desired contexts

  • Sound like a great plugin! Is it possible with this plugin to let members start a discussion on every group (without being a member of it)?
    Or does anybody knows another plugin to achive this?

  • @Edease surely I feel the same way here. Elgg needs to give us an option to site wide forums right from the core but I think they set it to groups so you cant do anything for now. What I will advise you to do is to create a new group called "General Discussion or Open forum or something like that. Put it on one of your navigation tabs and let users join it and use it as a site wide forum". If you love frameworks which I do not personally like because of future upgrades incompatibility issues (since elgg 1.9 is on the way and more) try hype forum and its framework. Having researched all reviews about site wide discussion for days and ages I found it to be the best free site wide forum.

    For a paid professional plugin go to juipo the developers of the popular easy theme and ask them to do it for you. It is really feature rich and would compete with the likes of phpbb or something. If you want a direct answer on starting a discussion without being a member, that would be inapropriate because what is the point of having a group then? A forum would be recommended for that. *That is my two cents worth of opinion hope it helps.

  • @Valentine Masina Thanks for your input. I really like the elgg framework and appreciate what some people do here, with all plugins and such. I haven't done much researching about opening up the discussions site-wide, but when I saw this, I thought there if there was a way, this would be the place to be.

    I also understand what you mean by the inapropriate question. However, the point of having a group is there you have people with that same interest, and can allow notifications on that group. When i showed the elgg framework to my coworkers they said they would like to open a discussion, and comment on them, without being a member. It kinda made sense to nme in a way, of stimulating interaction.

    I will look further into this. Sorry if I went tomuch OT.  Thanks @Arck Interactive for this plugin.

  • Hi!

    This plugin works as expected, and it is well documented.

    I have a question, about the registration process. How can I set a defined profile type (i.e. roles_moderator) as default in the registration, and cannot be changed to other profile types. Kinda like a Hidden value?

  • Hello,

    I have some trouble with this plugin. I put it on my ftp but I can't see it on the plugins list. Somebody have an idea ?


  • @Stéphane: have you copied the plugin files correctly on the server? Are the permissions of the plugin files and folders and the owner/group correct? If something is wrong here, Elgg (or the webserver) won't be able to read / access the files (or won't accept them as plugin if they were saved in the wrong location) and therefore the plugin will not show up in the plugin list.

  • @iionly: in fact I already install the 1.0.4 release. When I replace it by the 1.0.5 release, I can see it in the list! I am working with 1.9 RC1.

    Thanks for the return.

  • @RvR. OK. On my other dev, It is working fine. Only one site have this issue!

  • @Stéphane C: I don't know yet about compatibility of the roles plugin with Elgg 1.9. It might work without changes but I would test thoroughly to know for sure.

    If you use the same version of the roles plugin (v1.0.5) on the same Elgg version (either 1.8 or 1.9) and it works on one installation but not the other (especially if it doesn't even show up in the plugin list) then it's not the plugin or Elgg that's causing the issue but you must have made something wrong at copying the plugin folder on your server (copied to wrong location, some files missing or permissions wrong).

  • Perhaps you are right. With more investigation, it seems that the module "notifications" doesn't work correctly.

    Is it possible that it is a conflict with an another module ?

  • @Stéphane C: it looks like the roles plugin isn't compatible with Elgg 1.9 then presently. The notification system has changed completely in Elgg 1.9. If the roles plugin relies on notifications sending (or intervenes in the notification handling in any way) it will have to be updated to work again correctly on Elgg 1.9. So, I can only suggest to wait for a new release. Maybe it helps to open an issue about it on the roles plugin github repo.

  • For the notifications plugin, it is an issue and a fix is in progress.

  • Can one help me out?

    Denying something works perfect for let's say a view, or a menu item, but whenever I try it out on a page it fails. I'm probably missing something and doing something wrong. This is what my config file is saying:

    'pages' => array(
       'dashboard' => array(
        'rule' => 'deny',

    edit: 1.9 RC3

  • @Dries I don't know about Elgg 1.9 but for Elgg 1.8 it's correct

    UPD: Just checked on Elgg 1.9 - all works very well.


  • Sorry, seems I needed an ending trailing slash after 'dashboard' Thanks for checking out

  • Someone an idea how to prevent all the other roles from viewing an object belonging to the certain role?
    ex: Let's say the 'newbie' roles images are not visible on the website untill his role is changed to 'default'

  • From the 'docs' folder in your plugin directory. 

  • Can I choose more than one role per user? It would be nice.

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