Release Notes

  • Fixed issue with unavailable inbox for admins (reported by Lee)
  • Fixed permission caching bug
  • Great!  I'll test this tomorrow.  Thanks!

    By the way, people were discussing multiple roles.  I'll test again tomorrow but I believe that when I tested the other day I made Albert Einstein a group admin and then made him a moderator after the fact and he still retained the group admin role.  I'm pretty sure that's what I observed but I'll confirm that when I test tomorrow.


  • Lee, I think the case described is the normal behavior of roles. If you make someone "Moderator", first you'll have to elevate the user to admin, then apply the Moderator role so most of the admin capabilities are revoked, except for those needed for moderation. However, the Moderator role does not contain any permission rules for creating and editing groups. So the reason why he/she will be able to create a group is routed in the fact, that your moderator is essentially and admin, and not a regular member.

    If you need to revoke group creation rights from moderator, merge the configuration array from "Group Admins" for the DEFAULT_ROLE section into the Moderator configuration array. Let me know if you need help with that.

  • This is working great for me on 1.8.3.  Thanks!

    For me this behavior is what we want (maintaining multiple roles).  I was just mentioning it because some other comments seemed to center around the idea.

  • How can I create a new role in the way that new user cannot upload file ?


  • Hello it doesn't work,

    I have installed the Roles Framework, then Moderator roles and Administrator for Roles. When I change a user into a Group moderator, and after that when this new Moderator goes online, the site is not available, internal error 500. 


    What is the reason?

    Best regards.


  • Hi Ivano, 

    Have a look at the manual.  It explains how to suppress views and deny actions.



  • Hi Kai,

    I can't say without seeing your server's error logs.  I suggest you take a look. :)



  • Hello Paul,

    , okay, this is the error warning: "


    Beim Abrufen von ist auf der Website ein Fehler aufgetreten. Möglicherweise wird sie gerade gewartet oder ist falsch konfiguriert.
    HTTP-Fehler 500 (Internal Server Error): Beim Versuch des Servers, die Anforderung zu verarbeiten, ist eine unerwartete Bedingung aufgetreten." 
    I cannot open the site any more until I delete the "roles" folder.
    Please can You help?
  • Check you web server error logs for the details of the 500 error and post here. Without that we can't know what could be wrong. 

  • Hello, unfortunately I cannot find these error logs? How can I do it? Best regards. Kai

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for the plugin i will used for my site controller.

    I recommend this plugin.

  • Hi,

    I'm using Group administrators and I have this error when I'm not logged in as admin
    Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object in mod/roles/lib/roles.php on line 394 

    Do you know how It can fixed ?


  • Hi sir,

    Thanks for the effort put in this framework, I find it really desirable for any structured community. My question is shorter to answer I guess: how much code change should I do to make this plugin work on an v1.7 elgg? I'm not demanding you to do it, I would do if it's less work than migrating every single plugin of our community elgg to make it work on 1.8 (over 20 plugins).

    The question may makes more sense if you're using new core functionallity present in v1.8.

    Thanks anyways and congrats again =)

  • @kimweb What Elgg version are you using? Did you try this with only core plugins + roles plugins enabled?

    @PaK-Zer0 It would be a significant effort to backport this plugin to 1.7. The plugin builds heavily on some features only available in 1.8+ (for example the new menu system). Unfortunately we do not plan to make this compatible with 1.7.

  • @Aszepeshazi: Thank you so much for answering so quickly!

  • Hi - thanks for this great framework. It has made the difference between using and not using Elgg for me.

    A particular bug I think I've found is that every attempt to alter a page menu gets the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object in /home/elgg/dev-www/mod/roles/lib/roles.php on line 394

    Am I doing something wrong? Have you managed to edit page menus?



  • Hello again

    I seem to be hitting another issue when trying to implement the framework. I'm trying to remove a number of menu items from a role and for some reason it seems to only be removing some of them, not all...

    In the following the top three are removed (messages, add in groups, and activity). The rest remain. Am I doing something wrong?

                    'menus' => array(
                        'topbar::messages' => array('rule' => 'deny'),
                        'title::add' => array(
                            'rule' => 'deny',
                            'context' => array('groups')
                        'site::activity' => array('rule' => 'deny'),
                        'site::blog' => array('rule' => 'deny'),
                        'site::member' => array('rule' => 'deny'),
                        'site::file' => array('rule' => 'deny'),
                        'site::thewire' => array('rule' => 'deny'),
                        'site::menuitem' => array('rule' => 'deny'),
                        'site::phloornews' => array( 'rule' => 'deny')



  • @Nick thanks for your reports, I'll try to have a look at these issues ASAP. Just by looking at it, your configuration seems ok, so I'll have to dig deeper to see what might cause this. Are you using 1.8.3?

  • @Nick The second issue is confirmed, multiple rules for the same menu section would get ignored. I'll upload a patch soon. Meanwhile, if you need a quick fix, go to roles/start.php, remove or comment out line 226, where it says

    return $updated_menu

    , then on line 232, replace

    return $return_value


    return $updated_menu.

    This should do the trick. Thanks again for the report!

  • Thanks ever so much, the quick fix works perfectly - look forward to the new version, and any word on the other issue, if it can be solved :-)


  • @Nick The trouble with the other issue (fatal error on line 394) that even though several users reported it, I never managed to reproduce this error. If someone could give me explicit steps (and possibly a configuration example) of how to reproduce this, I could start looking into it.

    Btw. a working example on how to supress parts of the page menu can be found in the "Group Administrators for Roles" plugin, under the DEFAULT_ROLE configuration section. It goes like this:

    'page::groups:owned' => array(

    'rule' => 'deny',

    'context' => array('groups')


    This should remove the "Groups I own" menu item from the Groups page menu.

  • Andras Szepeshazi i am one of the users who encountered that error. i can explain how it it's found

    extract Roles to Mod unzip

    Extract moderators to Mod, unzip

    delete .zip files to save space on C-panel

    go to admin panel, down to bottom, activate Roles then Mod.

    in admin account make user you wish to be moderator i used login as plugin login as them go to settings. under the special permissions box, select Moderator.

    Save. site will crash showing

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object in mod/roles/lib/roles.php on line 394

    I hope this helps!

  • Hi Andras - you know what? Implementing the change to solve the other problem with menu items seems to have solved this one too... Thanks!

  • i typed your fix, and got a diffren error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/mrcoffee/public_html/mod/roles/start.php on line 232

    to keep the comment reader friendly, my code is HERE

  • @mrcoffe this means a typo in your modification. Make sure you have semicolon (;) at the end of the line you insterted, i.e.

    return $updated_menu;


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