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Initial release

  • This is nice... was looking for this type.. Recommended

  • I have to edit line no 388 $index = -1; to $index = 0; in mod\roles\lib\roles.php to avoid the white page death.. (PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getName() on a non-object)

    thank you very much for the plugin.

  • @Satheesh Thanks for your recommendation and feedback! I'll look into the WSOD issue. Can you tell me, did you have other roles dependent plugins enabled when you had the error message, or just roles alone?

  • Wow, good to see something like this coming out Andras, well done. Congrat on picking up Ismayil to the Arck team as well. A valuable addition no doubt. :)

  • I just enabled roles plugin and moderator plugin along with the default plugins of ELGG....

    nothing more.. Rt now i tested this in local server (WAMP) will upload this to my production site and will see what happence...

  • First off, this looks well thought out and implemented, and will most certainly support some nice plugins (like the two you posted with it).

    I'm curious what led to the decision of limiting users to having only one role? IMO a user should be able to wear multiple hats, and in different contexts (like site-level or in a particular group). I think it would be wise to build on top of an API that supports that even if a lot of it is roped off for future implementation. Perhaps this discussion should be elsewhere.

  • The desicion was based on the complexity of supporting multiple roles and that our current projects did not have a requirement for it.

  • @Satheesh Thanks, will check this thoroughly in multiple environments.

    @Steve Thanks for your valuable feedback. Please note that this is an experimental implementation of roles. Even though it aims high and tries to implement a generic framework, the need for this plugin rose from a specific project, where single role per user would suffice. Multiple roles per users would add complexity we did not want to tackle in this initial release.

    Also we're very open to suggestions as to which way Roles should evolve. I'll fire up a discussion and let's see where this can go.

  • that's a great mission und i am happy you take the initiative
    thanks andras

  • I'm looking forward to trying this out, thanks!

  • Well, I've just read through the docs.  Seems very well thought out, I can see this being the base of many more plugins.  If the framework is done even half as well as the docs I think we should be in good shape.

    The only suggestion I can think of at the moment is echoing Steve's sentiment about multiple roles.  I need to look a little closer at the implementation of the rules but I'm wondering if the rules could be assigned a weight/priority value similar to how the core handles hooks.  Users could then have multiple roles, and anytime there are mutually exclusive rules the one with the higher priority would take effect.

    It could get pretty complex, but I think it's something to consider.  I'm excited about this anyway.  Many thanks for taking the initiative on this.

  • Everyone, thanks for all the feedback. @Steve & @Matt, I'm copying your comments to this general discussion on Roles features. We'd like to see more input from core and community contributors on which direction this plugin should take. I'll add my thoughts on multiple roles there.

  • Great plugin set!  

    I'm having an issue on 1.8.3.  When I enable the roles plugin (with or without the other two plugins enabled) my admin users can't access their message inbox.  It just redirects them to the main activity page.  Has anyone else ran into this?

  • @Lee Thanks for your feedback! I can confirm the bug you reported, admins can't access their inbox any more. I'll issue a patch very soon.

  • 'preciate it!  Really nice though!

  • @Everyone, the above reported issue (admins can't access their inbox) has been fixed. Recommended version is now 1.0.1.

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