Mobilize - Mobile plugin v2014.09.26

Release Notes

  • Updated for 1.9
  • Add: switch between mobile and full site view
  • woooooooow!  am waiting for this


    Does this work in 360pxbelow?

  • Hello! @ Per  JENSEN  
    How to make the mobile display from the computer with the help of this plugin mobilize  
    for example: http:/ /

  • The idea behind Mobilize is to have one layout for desktop and another for mobile users. So if you want a mobile friendly layout for all, why not use a responsive theme?

  • Thank you @PER JENSEN I now understood

  • Hello! @PER JENSEN

    I have a question of curiosity: If I activate the plugin extended_tinymce of the version ELGG 1.9. is what that will operate well in the mobile with your plugin mobilize 1.9  
    Sometimes if I activate, not middle to publish the text to the mobile level because of this plugin extended_tinymce.  
    I hope to have a favorable continuation.  
    Thank you

  • Mobilize should remove timymce/ckeditor but keep a standard text input field. Does that not happen?

  • @PER JENSEN, I only put back the CKEDITOR plugin, because I see that mobilize removes CKEDITOR of the point of mobile view and that works well.
    Congratulation for a better mobile plugin for the ELGG community and my users is happy in the mobile.
    Thank you. Good service and courage always

  • Hello @PER JENSEN

    Just you ask if I can disactivate the plugin hypewall in Mobilize with the help of the start.php file of Mobilize  
    What code that will permit to disactivate hypewall of the point of mobile view? in Mobilize for Elgg 1.9  
    Thank you for advance for your aid!


  • I don't think you can deactivate a plugin for mobile view only. But what's your problem with hypeWall?

  • hello No, there is not any problem of the point of mobile view in relation to the Plugin hypewall, except that I wanted to disactivate it to really arrange the river mobile elgg (mobilize), by what hypewall displays a too small disposition in mobile, it is for this reason I asked you if it can be possible to disactivate it.

  • how to remove the copyright 2015 elggzone ???

  • You can  use:

    elgg_unregister_menu_item('footer', 'copyright_this');

  •  @AndresC

    New to Elgg? Perfect, then better get it right from the start. "You can use" suggests that you should not delete or change anything in mobilize, but take advantage of the function mentioned. That's because it's  recommended NOT to change the core Elgg files or files in plugins, upgrade can over time become a nightmare - read about it here.

    Instead, you must add your changes to a custom plugin. You can find a plugin skeleton here. In this plugin you can use the function mentioned to remove the copyright - read about it here.

    Keep the plugin at the bottom of the plugin list. In start.php init add this event handler:

    elgg_register_event_handler('pagesetup', 'system', 'elgg_child_theme_pagesetup', 1000);

    And below add the handler function:

    function elgg_child_theme_pagesetup() {
        elgg_unregister_menu_item('footer', 'copyright_this');

    The copyright is now removed.

  • Hello @PER JENSEN

    My users tell me he does not see the link to log out of the mobile view.

    By checking the code Mobilize, I found the link to log out, you put it in the footer. But I check on mobile, I do not see the link in the footer to disconnect. Is there no way to put the link to log in the header?

    Please help me

    Thank you in advance

  • Log out menu item is in the footer. It's registered in mobilize/lib/menus.php.

    You can move it to the navigation menu by registering for site menu and set section to default.

    Thank you, my users are happy to see the link to disconnect from the mobile perspective (Mobilize) in the navigation menu.
    My sincere thanks
    Good service!

  • Hello PER JENSEN

    Mobilize also detects available to the tablet, but I want to let the normal arrangement of my website in the use of the TABLETTE because Mobilize not displayed fully all the shelf space in my website, mobile provision (Mobilize ) is also displayed in the shelf. How to prevent the detection of Mobilize in TABLETTE.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • Mobilize uses the Mobile Detect class for detecting mobile devices. In start.php you will see,

    if ($detect->isMobile()) {

    You can change $detect->isMobile() to whatever you want. You have to find out yourself, options can be found here.



    Thank you for your reply!

    Good service.

  • I wish to add the search field on my mobilize, as I did in the previous version. How would this be done via the child theme. All I want replaced is "elggzone" at the footer and not copyright.

  • I have a plugin precisely the download counter and it creates a new 'submenu' on the site v1.10.2 making the menus 3. The menu from the download plugin show pages with the counter so how can I remove that menu and merge its features with the 2 original menus from elgg. I want the download counnter to show on the pages from the 2 original menus by elgg core. I have a child theme.


  • Is that an Elgg download counter plugin? Then ask the author.

    You could unregister the menu items from the new submenu and register them for Elgg site menu, when in mobile view. Then they will appear in the existing menus.


  • Its the westor download counter,which has been discontinued. I have not seen anyother download counter to use so I have been trying to upgrade it and make it suitable.Where can these changes be made?can I over ride with my child theme?

  • In your child theme start.php, you could unregister the menu items and register them again for the site menu.

    You only want that to happen when in mobile view, so I guess you could check that with elgg_get_viewtype.

  • Please be more detailed with your second statement concerning checking with elgg_get_viewtype.

    I also need the search field to show on mobile view.

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