Mobilize - Mobile plugin v2014.05.01

Release Notes

This release is for Elgg 1.9. If you’re using a previous version:

1. Deactivate mobilize

2. Remove all files and folders

3. Upload this release

4. Activate mobilize

  • i have another question sir..i was changed mobilize_index in activity into mypage.but not working for me..what is wrong.

  • @v06

    changed mobilize_index in activity into mypage

    More details please, I don't understand.

  • i was changed mobilize_index.php..what is wrong?
    if (!elgg_is_logged_in()){

    $teaserstring = elgg_get_plugin_setting('teaserstring', 'mobilize');
    $teaseroutput = elgg_get_plugin_setting('teaseroutput', 'mobilize');

    if ($teaserstring == 'file') {
    $content = elgg_echo("mobilize:teaser");
    } else if ($teaserstring == 'field') {
    $content = elgg_echo($teaseroutput);
    } else {

    $mod_params = array('class' => 'elgg-module-highlight');

    // Top box for login
    $top_box = $vars['login'];

    echo elgg_view_module('index', $content, $top_box, $mod_params);

    } else {

  • Not working for me sir....Help me sir....

  • @v06

    After login, do you want to go to http:/ instead of activity?

    If you added the page "home" to your Elgg site you should probably use : forward('home');

  • not working for me sir

  • my question is pc website redirects to activity page(using custom_index)...but already disable in mobilize
    //if (!elgg_is_active_plugin('custom_index')) {
    elgg_unregister_plugin_hook_handler('index', 'system', 'custom_index');
    elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('index', 'system', 'index_handler');
    create new plugin is called home....changed into activity into home in mobilize handler page...

  • my home start.php

    function home_init() {
    elgg_extend_view('css/elgg', 'home/css');
    // Register navigation menu
    $navlink = new ElggMenuItem('home', 'home', 'home');
    elgg_register_menu_item('site', $navlink);

    elgg_register_page_handler('home', 'home_page_handler');
    function home_page_handler($page) {

    $body .= elgg_view('home/elements/content');
    $params = array(
    'content' => $body,
    $body = elgg_view_layout('one_column', $params);

    echo elgg_view_page($title, $body);
    return true;

  • what is my wrong???? sir....

  • @v06

    In, mobilize/index.php change line 6 to,


  • Is there a way to make an option in the footer~or somewhere?... view full site

  • @Justin

    Adding the link is easy, check mobilize/lib/ to see how it's done. Creating the functionality is a different matter. Google it, Mobile_Detect, view full site, set-cookie should be the key words.

  • @Justin

    I've looked at a solution for mobile / full site switch. Could you please help checking out if it's working as expected: demo

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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-5-24
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