Mobilize - Mobile plugin v2013.07.11

Release Notes


1. Deactivate previous version if any

2. Delete entire folder

3. Upload this version of mobilize and activate


- Updated to Elgg 1.8.16

  • @Valentine Masina

    Sorry I don't know how to increase timeout, it's not set in mobilize. When I google js and opera mini loads of js problems show up.

    I will not spend more time digging into this, but if you come up with at fix, please let me know.

  • Ok  to install this plugin you download,  then you open that to get to the  mobilize_1.8 file, then you open mobilize_1.8  to get to mobilize file. then you zip the mobilize file and upload it to the mod file and unzip, activate and voila you are mobile. The plugin works great but why couldn't you just zip the mobilize file for download?

    Im not trying to be rude or disrespectful, im just suggesting you zip the mobilize file and forget the rest.


  • If he/it pleases you @ Per Jensen, how I must remove the menu of the navigation and put the normal menu in Mobilize    
    How I must add in Mobilize the TOPBAR, so that the users mobile to see the profile, message, contact, demand of friend and himself disconnected.    
    I hope to have you a favorable continuation. THANK YOU for your excellent Mobilize plugin    


  • @Polycarpe MAKOMBO

    Please use search more (mobilize topbar), it's been answered already.


  • English: @Per Jensen , I tested your plug on different cell phones, walk well, but in the disposition of profile and message are not good because I use ishouvik plugin profiles and plugin hypeinbox.  
    Is that there are a means to really arrange two columns in the profile and message so that him is a good disposition there where you can indicate me in the source codes (Mod/mobilize/view) so that myself modifies it?  
    For your understanding. I hope to have a favorable continuation.

    French: @Per Jensen , 

    @, J’ai testé votre plug sur différent téléphones mobile,  marche bien, mais dans la disposition de profil et message ne sont pas bonne car j’utilise plugin ishouvik-profile et plugin hypeinbox.

    Est qu’il y a un moyen de bien disposer deux colonnes dans le profil et message pour qu’il y est une bonne disposition où vous pouvez m’indiquez dans la source code (Mod/mobilize/view) pour que le modifie moi-même ?

    Pour votre compréhension. J’espère avoir une suite favorable.


  • Work Great Thank you for great project keep up good work will keep using and let you know of any bugs. One thing would be nice is if users could choose mobile or desktop. Upload link for video is not there is that a bug or not in there, if not in this on could you explain how or where to put please. . 

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  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-5-24
  • Downloads: 24272
  • Recommendations: 101

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