Mobilize - Mobile plugin v2012.07.18

Release Notes

If you use mobilize already, you should delete the old and upload this one, since a folder has been removed.

You can see a demo of this version if you click Plugin homepage + /showroom/business/

User: Business, Pass: tester

- Updated to Elgg 1.8.8

- Added: vendors/

- Added: avatar_menu_arrows.png

- Added: tidypics support

- Removed: views/mobile/navigation/

  • Mobilize and other of my plugins are now on GitHub. Just click the link, Code repository, to get there.

  • There is a problem when viewing the files there is no button to download files how could fix this?

  • That's right, it's intentional. But open views/default/css/mobilize.php and delete this part,

    .elgg-menu-title li.elgg-menu-item-download {
        display: none;

  • Fantastic news that this is on GitHub!

  • @Shouvik, thanks :)

    Glad to hear Evan. Actually you pushed me a bit, and made me check github again. I hope I get it working :)

    This plugin is at an early stage and still needs a lot of work, but hopefully github will lead to pull requests and new ideas that'll improve mobilize.

  • Hi guys,

    i have been a great follower of mobilize since 2010. Thanks gillie for the great work.

    What should i do to make Search appear at the top in the mobilize version.

    Also, how can I make a  comment on a post. When using a computer I can hit Enter. But on the smaller phones there is no Enter. So am not able to comment on people's posts. How can I solve this.





  • This plugin works on elgg 1.8.8?

    Please somneone let me know if tested.

    Many thanks in advance,


  • yes it does. am using it on 1.8.8.

  • @Mike, You should see a Post Comment button below the comment form. I do on iPhone and IPad.

    If you want to show search open start.php and outcomment line 106 like this,

    //elgg_unextend_view('page/elements/header', 'search/header');

    @kis, As Mike says, yes. In release notes there's a link to a demo site you can check out.

  • thanks gillie. let me try that.

  • hi guys.

    how do i make mobilize not to use a theme i have installed. i want mobilize to use origional elgg structure. I have tried to put theme i installed below mobilize but it still recognize it.



  • Mobilize is a "theme in itself - views, etc, same as any other theme. The critical exception criteria is that Mobilize's views will only be triggered when a Mobile Device Client is detected. To b your other installed theme - for that duration --> means 'disabling' that other theme, temporarily or making sure that all the views of Mobilize are over riding the other theme's views ... for anyone who wants to work at that code logic.


  • Thanks @DhrupDe. for your responses. I think I have to make mobile overide the other because I need them to work at the same time since the other one is not for mobile devices but for pcs. So which file should I temper with in order to make mobilize override cool_theme when a mobile device is detected......... thanks



  • gonna be not easy ;-) there's no 'file to tamper with..' ;-X the 'override themes' --> i.e. have more than one theme available (installed) but enable/diable at will for a paticular logged-in user -- will take more a few synaptic shakes ;-oO

  • Mobilize is built with almost no styling at all, font definitions, backgrounds, etc. to keep the look of the theme one is using. Instead it controls layout.

    As el Dhrup says, there is no easy way to disable your theme, but take a look at this demo,

    it is not made for handheld either, but a few css edits made it work.

    In mobilize you have to edit or override views/default/css/mobilize.php. Try it out. Uncheck caching while editing and keep mobilize at the bottom of your plugin list.

    I do not know cool theme, but if you run into problems you could ask for help in the cool theme comments.

  • Elgg Themes are not just simply 'css based' - but so much more architectured along MVC and API dependence - hence the need to understand the internals of (Elgg) Themes to be able to dynamically change/select one theme or another.. However, for PerJensenOnline/ElggZone Showroom purposes -  I have been working on a Dynamic Theme Changer ('DDS-Theme-TrickZ';) for a different motivation - to allow demos for many Themes without needing to install multiple separate Elgg (sub)domains to demonstrate those.

  • @Gillie - BTW that link for Thems which you posted looks very very familiar familiar indeed ;oO;X;P

  • He, yes I believe you know it :-)

  • @gillie, @Dhrup thanks for the advise. It has helped me thanks.......

  • hello guys. is there any way to make right/left sidebar appear in the mobile version. I understand that it may not appear at sides, but i need it to appear anywhere........... thanks

  • Find this below in the mentioned file, and remove it,

    .elgg-sidebar {
        display: none;
    .elgg-sidebar-alt {
        display: none;

  • once more again thanks gillie for your quick responses. greatly appreaciated.

  • Hi gillie and everyone,

    on all aspects mobilize is running well on my site. the only problem i have is Remember Me at login. When i tick/check it on cell phone it does not work since everytime i come back i have to login again. But on the computer its working well: i don't have to login everytime. Please help.


  • I tested this on iPhone and iPad and have no problems.

    Make sure you have turned on 'Accept cookies' under Settings.

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