Custom System Messages v1.0

Release Notes

This is the first release of the plugin. Please always check for a newer version and always read the comments below. Tested on Elgg 1.8.2.

  • sound nicce stuff and powerful stuff! i'll be looking closer ;o

  • Super .. i will test it .. give u feedbacks


  • @dinesh

    Yes please leave me some feedback. I would like to know if my plugin has been successful to others or if there are issues. Also any feedback for added functionality would also be desired. Thanks

  • Note, for proper usage, install the plugin as normal, activate the plugin, then go to the plugin settings and make sure you perform and initial save so that there are values to load. Do this before you use the plugin.

  • @Rob - You can use a magic file called activate.php (bottom of page) in the plugin to make it set some defaults. Might be worth adding!

  • @Brett - I think thats the solution. I will add this to the next version. Thanks.

  • does this work on 1.8.3?

  • @ Alvaro

    Yes it does.

  • Dear Rob,

    I want to change the system message display timing in two different situations.

    if a user is logged in all the timing of system message display should be in 10 sec and

    if a user is not logged what ever messages show in the login page should be of duration 90 sec. Means if there is a error message of password mismatch it should stay in the screen for 90 sec. or after successful registration activation email send message should stay for 90 sec...

    So i tried the following code...

    elgg.custom_system_message.init = function() {
    <?php if (elgg_is_logged_in()) { ?>
        $('.elgg-system-messages li').stop().animate({opacity: 0.9}, 7000);
    <?php }else{ ?>
        $('.elgg-system-messages li').stop().animate({opacity: 0.9}, 90000);
    <?php } ?>
        $('.elgg-system-messages li').stop().fadeOut('slow');

    I face the problem that if i run the upgrade after logging out, all sys mesg shows for 90 sec irrespective of the logged in or logged out situation.

    if i run the upgrade after logging  in all system message shows for 10 sec...

    is this because of caching?

    how to over come this to suit for my purpose?


  • When this plugin is enabled, users can not Add New Widgets or Customize existing widgets. When those links are clicked the url changes to the #anchor


    but nothing happens. Same when clicking on the customize "gear" icons

    Disabling the plugin immediately restores normal function.

    Any insight? The plugin looks nice, I'd like to use it, if it is functional and does not break other functionality


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 1247
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