3 Column River Activity v1.8.9

Release Notes

  1. Fixed birthday box
  2. Fixed Birthday Wishes Mail sending Cron
  • thank you, I missed that before. lovely!!! :D


  • Any ideas how can I add calendar events to the sidebars?


  • @Roman

    You can try any entities river box.. enter the object type for the event... it will show the event there...

  • @ Roman,

    save the folllowing code in views/default/page/elements and just extened the file  in start.php page

        $title = elgg_echo('river_activity_3C:UpcomingEvents');
        $box_view = elgg_get_plugin_setting('view_riverbox', 'river_activity_3C');

        $event_options = array("limit" => 25, "pagination" => false, "full_view" => false );

        $events = event_manager_search_events($event_options);
        $latest_events = elgg_view_entity_list(
                    "pagination" => false,
                    "full_view" => false

            if ($latest_events) {

                    $river_body = '<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="up" scrollamount="2" onmouseover="stop()" onmouseout="start()" style="overflow:hidden;">'.$latest_events.'</marquee>';
                    $river_body .= '<p style="text-align:right; margin:3px 3px;"><a href="'.elgg_get_site_url().'events"><b>'.elgg_echo('river_activity_3C:viewmore').'</b></a></p>';
            }else {
                    $river_body = elgg_echo ('river_activity_3C:event-no');
                    $river_body .= '<p style="text-align:right; margin:3px 3px;"><a href="'.elgg_get_site_url().'events/event/new"><b>'.elgg_echo('river_activity_3C:Addevent').'</b></a></p>';

    echo elgg_view_module($box_view, $title, $river_body);

  • Hi  Satheesh PM

                     How can split the profile page ,that page already in 3 columns need the 4 column, how can i make the 4th column

  • I use the facebook theme and when I active this plugin ,it adds two extra buttom in the blog or other section, is there any way to fix it?

    you can see in this picture:



  • try keepinng at the bottom of all plugins..............

  • hello

    I am using following content plugin on site when I select 2 column view for activty page following content div is working fine but when I select 3 column view for activity page following content div disappear from activity page. on other pages it all right

    please help

  • which content you are talking about?

    you please see the start.php file and extend the content accordingly

  • Hi Satheesh, liked your this plugin...realy cool...m realy greatful to u fr this but have a lil issue into it .At horoscope section there are only three icon are showing which are fixed ,this must be rotating by which any user can click his/her zodiac to  know his/her horoscope. Is there any way already which i cudnt see till now or have to do some code for this please suggest.

  • @sajid,

    actually marquee is not working in google chrome(you may be using google chrome..).. try using Mozilla Firefox.. you will see its sliding..

    i have alrady fixed this issue in the upcoming version... the new version will be using the 'slide from left ' effect as u see in the system message box...



  • thnx fr ur instant reply thats great.:).may i know when the updated version will be availble fr us?


I will do it because I think I can


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