3 Column River Activity v1.8.3.2

Release Notes

  1. Everything added to language files.. Now translations are very easy..
  2. fixed friends online widget..
  3. Added member since and last login below avatar..
  4. Extended views for all..

How to Install :

remove previous installation completly and upload this one and activte from Admin Panel

  • @satheessh,

    Excellent plugin, RECOMMENDED!!!

    Maybe I'm on time to give you a suggestion before you release your last version! It's about the font size and color of the activity river. I think the notification line should be a little smaller and the color very lighter; on the other hand the content below itself schould be a bit bigger. For example:

    Administrator posted to the wire 17 minutes ago

    Here's my thought


    With the first line smaller (font 9) and the Username with bold font (size 11)

    and the second line size 12



  • Another thing,

    I created some static pages with the "Any page" plugin http://community.elgg.org/plugins/868809/1.2/anypage but these new pages show me neither the left nor the right column.

    Do you think your last version plugin will be compatible with those new created pages?

    Otherwise do you know a better plugin for creating new pages?



  • Thanks to Satheesh for the plugin. This plugin fills some gaps in elgg.

    + Lets you convert the activity page into a a nice looking page where you can view and also perform actions (unlike Dashboard). A bit like Facebook.

    + Provides widgets for displaying 'Featured Groups', 'horoscope' and more importantly 'Site Message'.

    ~There is a danger of overloading the Activity page with all the widgets & menu items. This will create duplication of functions with the Personal Page and the Dashboard. And confusion in user's mind will follow, especially if you can update the profile info both on Activity page and the Personal page. Luckily you can control the set of widgets via the config & and you can always choose to disable the dashboard.

    - Via the configuration, you can choose to dsiplay or not to display the widgets but: You can not choose the place of the widgets on the page.

    - Widget set is limited to a predefined set. For example, you can not add Coldtrick's EventManager to the page. The configuration is only for a predefined set of widgets.

    Good work. Hopefully there will be new versions even better.

  • Agree. Is it possible to extend the three columns to the whole website? Or perhaps make the choice possible for each page in the settings?

  • @İşöğünçı

    In the new release yo u have option to set riverbox in left or right column

    just added a new setting in the new verison where you can enter the subtype of an object entity and that will show a river box in activity page.

    Added an option to see set 2 / 3 column for activity page and can be extend this to whole site which Mr. Mmeal needs.

    thank you will be realeasing it on this weekend... coz setting page is messy and should clean it..

  • What a great community!

    @Satheesh, what about making optional also the links in the profile box? For each field: "Edit profile", "edit avatar", "message board", "inbox", "invite friends", "members", etc.

  • @İşöğünçı

    All your plrblems has been solved in new realease...



  • Is there a way I can change the colour of the side bar wigets?

  • @mpcourt , you said:

    "If i change the default width of the site in /home/html/views/default/css/elements/layout.php

    The grey sidebar shading (two_sidebar_background.gif) has issues. on the right is aligned ok but the shading on the left does not move to the left edge of the page it stays where it is and therefore look awful, i am sure there is a really simple solution to this i just can't find it, Pleae help if you can."

    You managed to solve the problem? I'm having the same problem. Please comment. thank you.

  • Nice plugin! One question: I'm trying to display the Site Announcement Box in the home page (not '/activity') and not logged in, How do I do this?


  • You uploaded 4 pics, in 3rd pic there is box for status,photos, videos and more, its before activity river how can i do it on my site i like it.

  • @cicor use the latest release of this plugin...


  • Hi I wanted to change the timing of the "Site Announcements."

    As it was mentioned in a previous comment that the time is controlled by "...(i think so.. you can control the rotation speed and other things in mod/river_activity_3C/views/default/page/elements/control.php )..." I was looking for it. However, that seems confusing to me as there is no such file. Other two files with similar name in the same folder control_(some text).php are blank. 

    Any idea how to fix this?


I will do it because I think I can


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 19464
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