3 Column River Activity v1.8.17

Release Notes

fixed some bugs in birthday script

added few forms to wire box like blog, file, video, photos, invite


  • @vextah,

    I dont have any idea about the donation box.. (I did not add any donation box in this plugin..)

  • I cant find what to run in order to get rid of:


    Users : User Birthdays


    You haven't configured Birthday Box yet

    Time taken: 0.0007s


    Where is the birthday box?? Sorry for such a silly question. :)

  • It seems i dont have the birthdays box in the 3c river activity settings, also profile manager isnt activated. Where can i get profile manager from? Elgg 1.8.

  • Awesome plugin! This is one of the top five in my mind. Thanks for developing it!


  • New error on 1.9.2

    Deprecated in 1.8. Do not rely on $vars["config"] or $CONFIG being available in views.

    Any chance of an update for this awesome plugin?

  • New updated views/default/page/elements/online.php. It should now read:


         * 3 Column River Acitivity
         * @package ElggRiverDash
         * Full Creadit goes to ELGG Core Team for creating a beautiful social networking script
             * Modified by Satheesh PM, BARC, Mumbai, India..
             * http://satheesh.anushaktinagar.net
         * @author ColdTrick IT Solutions
         * @copyright Coldtrick IT Solutions 2009
         * @link http://www.coldtrick.com/
         * @version 1.0


    $title = elgg_echo('river_activity_3C:online');
    $box_view = elgg_get_plugin_setting('view_riverbox', 'river_activity_3C');
    $onlineusers = array(
            'type' => 'user',
            'limit' => false,
            "relationship" => "member_of_site",
            "relationship_guid" => elgg_get_site_entity()->guid,
            "inverse_relationship" => TRUE,
                    "joins" => array("JOIN " . elgg_get_config('dbprefix') . "users_entity ue ON e.guid = ue.guid"),
            "wheres" => array("ue.last_action >= " . (time() - 600)),
            "order_by" => "ue.last_action desc",
            "full_view" => FALSE,
            "pagination" => FALSE,
                    "list_type" => "Gallery",
                    "gallery_class" => "elgg-gallery-users",
                    "size" => "tiny",
        $river_body = elgg_list_entities_from_relationship($onlineusers);
        if (elgg_is_logged_in()){
            echo elgg_view_module($box_view, $title, $river_body);
            echo elgg_view_module('info', $title, $river_body);

    </ code>

    For elgg 1.9.2 :) Fix is courtesy of Juho Jaakkola

  • will u please update for elgg 1.9

  • @naughtyboy This actually still works half decently with elgg 1.9.4, apply the fix i posted above.

  • @Vextah  have you try it in  elgg 1.9.5?? i think there is something wrong

  • its not save the setting o the plugin

  • I am using 19.4 at present. There isnt any difference in .4 and .5 apart from bug fixes, so there shouldnt be an issue saving the settings, what other 3rd party plugins are u using?

  • i have  same problem with profile manager latest version, and also with event manager may be there some bug in core ??? is it possible???????

  • its not saving setting any of them give error can't save setting

  • I'm waiting for this plugin updated to 1.9.5 release.... Do you know if Anyone does work on Github about it ?

    thanks !

  • This is / was 1 of my favourite plugins, but i have been looking at River Addon: https://community.elgg.org/plugins/825625/releases/2014.05.02 Which may be a replacement untill this is updated....

  • I love this plugin could you make it please cambatible with newest elg stable release ?


    Best regards,


  • 3 Column River Activity Plugin is awesome. I love it but I have some issue. After enabling this plugin, everything is working fine. But pages navigation disappear.

    Kindly please let me know how to solve this issue.

  • I love this plugin is the best one, on elgg I am not sure if there is any other plugin which can do the same job as this plugin does.

    Please please please update your plugin for the elgg 2.0 version 

    I really need this so badly, without this plugin I don't like to use even my elgg site. This plugin has everything which I want and everyone wants for a social networking site.

    Please try to update this plugin soonest or let me know if this plugin is suitable to use for Elgg version 2.0 ???

    Many thanks in advance.


  • Try the River Addon plugin, works just as good :)

  • Only now I realized that there is a (hidden) tab on the right side of "bookmark" tab on the wire (See the third picture from left, here https://elgg.org/plugins/844663 . You can play around with CSS to see the hidden one). Can anyone please help me to figure out, how to unhide those and/or manipulate the tabs? Like removing couple of them or adding a new one? Thank you. 


I will do it because I think I can


  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 19124
  • Recommendations: 159

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