3 Column River Activity v1.8.15

Release Notes

  • Ajax posting of wire post in activity page


  1. Drag and drop arrangement for settings
  2. Auto river updating
  3. Integrating all types of forms in river activity
  • You are welcome to have pull request from GITHUB

  • Sadra Borzouei

    Dear Sathees PM, Thanks a lot.

  • Hi!...I have installed Facebook theme...nothing happend with this plugin active...What can I do?...it is not designed to work with facebook theme?...thanks a lot.

  • @Norwin ,Yes it will not work with facebook theme.you should try with nyother theme except facebook theme.

  • try keeping this plugin below your theme...

  • Hello,  Wanted to say this is a really great plugin!  I am trying to change the color of the labels, i.e. Our Sponsors, Newest Groups etc.  My background is black, all the text on the site is white.  It seems like the default color for the text in this plugin is black.  Where do I change this?  Thx in advance...

  • please make it for facebook theme also 


  • Thats a beautifull pluggin, thanks !

  • Hello Satheesh,

    first of all, thank you for this plguin, is really good. altough i'm having a bit trouble configuring new Object Subtypes entities. i'm trying to configure the news entities and when i enter news in the "Enter the "Object subtype" entities" field, in the site the title that shows is river_activity_3C:news but it displays the lates news posts.

    I follow the suggestion to use the especified language and enter this "river_activity_3C:news" => "Recent News" in the "Enter the "Object subtype" entities" field, but in the site the title shown is river_activity_3C:"river_activity_3C:news" => "Recent News" and it doesn't displays any news post.

    Can you please indicate me how should I enter the Object Subtype Name to properly show the title in the site and the latest news posts?


    Thank you in advance.

  • @hector, you need to enter only 'news' in the settings as u did in the first case... 

    For getting a Recent News you need to enter "river_activity_3C:news" => "Recent News", and after that you need to flush the cache from dashboard so that new language string will be cached and shown in your site..

    thank you

  • Thanks Satheesh for your quick response, unfortunetly i'm still getting the same output even flushing the cache after saving the configuration :(

  • You need to add "river_activity_3C:news" => "Recent News", in the language file not in the Object subtypee entity field.. go to mod/river_actity_3C/langages/en.php...  open en.php file with any editor and add "river_activity_3C:news" => "Recent News", save it and then do the flusing of cache

  • Thank you very much Satheesh for your help, now is working perfect :)

  • Please, does anyone know how to hide "birthdays" menu?

  • @rodolfo lobato,

    comment out the line 26 of start.php  

    elgg_register_menu_item('site', new ElggMenuItem('river_activity_3C', elgg_echo('river_activity_3C:birthdays'), 'river_activity_3C'));


  • How would you make it so that it shows Month and Day of Birthday on user profile! Cause they don't want to display there year...!  Security Purpose...!

  • What do we need to edit to get it to display only friend's birthdays, rather than all birthdays? Thanks!

  • @LT, I had used elgg date picker in bday field.. may be its possible.. Instead of entering year let them enter 2013

  • @magicland

    you need to edit the views/default/page/elements/birthdays.php and add a condition to check th user is a friend of logged in user in the foreach loop... it will work..

  • Thanks for the prompt reply, I'll see if I can do that shortly. For some reason, it's currently not displaying any birthdays, friends or otherwise. I've got a birthday field set up in profile manager as shown in the settings, but no data is displaying.

    Another question, is there any way to get Events created in the Event Manager plugin to display in either the left or right column? Possibly via Object Subtype? I'm not sure what (or if) the Events have one (I tried "events" but that didn't return anything).

  • Okay, looked back through the comments on a few previous versions of the plugin, and found some ideas for adding Events.

    Created an "events.php" file in ..views/default/page/elements using the code posted in the comments for 1.8.9.

    Added a "//Shows Events" section to start.php based on the "//Shows Bookmarks" section above it.

    Added a "//Events Plugin" section to ..languages/en.php based on the "//Bookmarks Plugin" section above it.

    Added a "//Events" section to ..views/default/plugins/river_activity_3C/settings.php based on the "//Bookmarks" section above it.

    That got "Events" showing up in the 3 Column River Activity plugin's settings page, so I could set it to appear. However, when I activate it, the resulting box is too wide to display in either the right or left column and the box's header shows "river_activity_3C:UpcomingEvents" instead of a title such as "Upcoming Events". The events ARE showing (though the list is scrolling, it does stop if I mouse over it). Any ideas how I can get it to format correctly, and show the correct title? Obviously, I'm just hacking my way through this at this point and don't really have a clue what I'm doing. Thanks!

  • Got the title and the size formatting fixed, still need to figure out how to fix the content formatting. It's showing more info than it does in the widget, including access level and a delete button. Have to try and view it on an account without Admin access. Wondering if I can possibly also add one for "My Events"...

    Here's the working code for events.php:

    * 3 Column River Acitivity
    * @package ElggRiverDash
    * Full Creadit goes to ELGG Core Team for creating a beautiful social networking script
    * Modified by Satheesh PM, BARC, Mumbai, India..
    * http://satheesh.anushaktinagar.net
    * @author ColdTrick IT Solutions
    * @copyright Coldtrick IT Solutions 2009
    * @link http://www.coldtrick.com/
    * @version 1.0

    $title = elgg_echo('Upcoming Events');
    $box_view = elgg_get_plugin_setting('view_riverbox', 'river_activity_3C');

    $event_options = array("limit" => 25, "pagination" => false, "full_view" => false );

    $events = event_manager_search_events($event_options);
    $latest_events = elgg_view_entity_list(
    "pagination" => false,
    "full_view" => false

    if ($latest_events) {

    $river_body = '<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="up" scrollamount="2" onmouseover="stop()" onmouseout="start()" style="overflow:hidden;">'.$latest_events.'</marquee>';
    $river_body .= '<p style="text-align:right; margin:3px 3px;"><a href="'.elgg_get_site_url().'events"><b>'.elgg_echo('river_activity_3C:viewmore').'</b></a></p>';
    }else {
    $river_body = elgg_echo ('river_activity_3C:event-no');
    $river_body .= '<p style="text-align:right; margin:3px 3px;"><a href="'.elgg_get_site_url().'events/event/new"><b>'.elgg_echo('river_activity_3C:Addevent').'</b></a></p>';

    echo elgg_view_module($box_view, $title, $river_body);



  • thanks for sharing.. You need to flush the cache for getting the title 'Upcoming Events' as added in language file.

    hope your birthdays problem is also solved..


I will do it because I think I can


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