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3 Column River Activity Page. Replace the default river activity page with a 3 column activity page

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This will replace the default activity page with three / two column, which is fully configurable from plugin settings.


  1. You can set the activity page as 3 column or 2 column
  2. You can set the whole site as 3 column or 2 column
  3. Shows Birthday of members in sidebar..
  4. Shows the members who celebrate birthdays in current month, previous and next months
  5. Option to send Birthday wishes to members celebrating their birthday. (daily cron required)
  6. Rotating Site Announcements at the center
  7. Riverbox view can be selected from 4 views
  8. Riverbox can be arranged in left or right side. with vertical ordering too
  9. Online members and friends online, recent members riverbox
  10. Group membership, latest groups, Featured group riverboxes
  11. Latest blogs, files, pages, bookmarks, wire, disscussions, events, photos, videos etc...
  12. Any Entity River box.. Just add the Object subtype in the settings you will get a Riverbox in the activity page for that entity
  13. HTML Message box
  14. Option to show HTML Message open as a popup for one time per session. so can be used for important notices
  15. Shows profile photo and some links below...
  16. Option to show the date of join and last login to the site below the profile photo
  17. Site online status (enter the start date of site and will show how many days has passed since the start of site and its total users and active users
  18. Daily horoscope box
  19. Now posting forms of wire, blog, file, video, photos and bookmarks are available activity page as tabs.
  20. Ajax posting of wire to river page
  21. No conflict with any other plugins and goes with any theme (Dont know about facebook theme and related themes)


  1. Drag and Drop settings for riverboxs so vertical arrangement will be easy
  2. Live river update without refresh

I got ELGG for free and hence my plugins will always free.

If this plugin is useful for you, Please do a recommendation for this plugin. Thank You.

your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Thing to Remember :

After enabling the plugin run the script at Administer->users->birthday members.. to associate a new metadata "BD-month" to all members haveing a birthday metadata...

Please do run this scriopt to make your site load faster....


  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
  • Downloads: 19464
  • Recommendations: 156

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