Dislikes 1.8 v1.0

Release Notes

to do: change the thumbs down icon so it turns red when something is disliked.

  • Nice one...! I think you need to change the priority in $option = array.... since its same as like plugin..

  • thanks, yeah i do need to change that. Also going to change the language file as i put disLikes. Will change all that and stick up another realease asap. thanks again

  • Hi,

    is it possible to disable "dislike" in group overview OR activate "like" in group overview.



  • pluging works for 1.8.5 but makes the site extremely slow... any help?

    (also it adds this _MACOSX plugin? not sure what this is about...)

  • @Biddum1

    You can delete the directory "_MACOSX" and hidden files ".DS_Store" (is added by the Mac OSX compression software and is totally unnecessary)

    For more information: http://floatingsun.net/2007/02/07/whats-with-__macosx-in-zip-files


  • Hi kcirtap1845

    By activating this plugin (dislikes), the image for "likes" disappears in the river (only is visible the link "likes")

    Elgg v1.8.6

  • The Plugin in hardly usable:

    • Only-dislike Button when somone joins the site
    • Bubbles from "only-dislike" don't fade away if you click somewhere else
    • auto-dislike on all site joins


    I hope there will come an update!!!


  • FIX dislikes/languajes/en.php add:

        'dilikes:delete:confirm' => 'Are you sure you want to undislike this?',

  • Spanish translation dislikes/languajes/es.php

     * dislikes Spanish language file

    $spanish = array(
        'dislikes:this' => 'no me gusta',
        'dislikes:deleted' => 'no me gusta ha sido removido',
        'dislikes:see' => 'Ver a quién no le gusta esto',
        'dislikes:remove' => 'Quitar "no me gusta"',
        'dislikes:notdeleted' => 'Hubo un problema al quitar "no me gusta"',
        'dislikes:dislikes' => 'Ahora no te gusta esto',
        'dislikes:failure' => 'Hubo un problema al intentar guardar "no me gusta"',
        'dislikes:alreadyliked' => 'Ya indicó que no le gusta esto',
        'dislikes:notfound' => 'No se encuentra el item que quiere como "no me gusta"',
        'dislikes:dislikethis' => 'No me gusta',
        'dislikes:userdislikedthis' => '%s no me gusta',
        'dislikes:usersdislikedthis' => '%s no me gusta',
        'dislikes:river:annotate' => 'no me gusta',
        'dilikes:delete:confirm' => 'Seguro que quiere quitar no me gusta?',
        'river:dislikes' => 'no me gusta %s %s',

        // notifications. yikes.
        'dislikes:notifications:subject' => '%s no le gusta tu post "%s"',
        'dislikes:notifications:body' =>
    'Hola %1$s,

    a %2$s no le gusta tu post "%3$s" en %4$s

    Ver el post original aquí:


    o ver perfil de %2$s perfil aquí:



    add_translation('es', $spanish);

  • Hi,

    is it possible to disable "dislike" in group overview OR activate "like" in group overview.

  • This plugin has potential and it looks like it got less credit than it deserves. 

    It would be nice if it also worked with notifier (Likes do) and dislikes were made without refresh. NO Easytalkee ajax dislikes :(

    Anyway, it's still a keeper :) 

  • Maybe I spoke too quickly. 

    If you activate dislikes it breaks your upgrade. You'll get the "Fatal Error. Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent"

    From now on, I'm checking this after installing each plugin. Better than going back later and figuring out which one is causing the problem. Geez!

  • As I said before sweety, always disable all the plugins before doing the upgrade, then re-enable them, if one has issues it won't activate and you'll see the error message from the plugin panel vs. having to manually go into the FTP and remove the folder.

  • Had installed this a week ago with elgg 1.8.13, but I notice now when someone registers, they are automatically receiving 2 dislikes from 2 members who signed up, like on the activity page... it shows 2 dislikes for [User] has Joined the Site with their avatar graphic. No notificaftion sent using PMs or anything but does display 9 hours ago and 2 hours for the times, yet they just registered minutes ago, pretty weird.

  • Yes elgg!gal I'm getting this as well. Did you ever find a fix for this?

  • Any chance of an update for this for elgg 1.9.2 plz?? Brilliant plugin, just needs and deserves an update :)

  • I love this plugin also. I've modified it to keep the dislikers anonymous. I'm also getting two dislikes for new users. Not very friendly. Would love an update! Please???

  • Can anyone provide an update for this please?


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