iShouvik Riverdashboard 1.8 vbeta 1

Release Notes

Some junk files and codes cleaned up ... No new Feature Added.


Would love to give a note of thanks to Fick for pointing out some bugs.

  • BTW, the file for changing the header section on elgg 1.8.* is located at /views/default/page/elements/header.php and /views/default/page/elements/header_logo.php

  • Site Announcement does not work for me... I enter a message and then save ... nothing is showing for the announcement except for a green box with Site Announcement in it.   Did I miss something in the settings?

  • I am using this plugin with Elgg 1.8.8 and love it, but I'm having the same issue Rob mentioned on the previous page of comments.  The Group membership widget under the mini profile in the left column does not display the correct groups.  It automatically shows one entry for every member of every group.  For example, I have two groups; 'Test' and 'Calculus'. Test has three members and Calculus has one.  Every member of the site sees three instances of Test and one instance of Calculus in the widget, even if they are not a member of any group.  If another member we to join Test, every member would now see four instances of test.

    It is strange because it seems like the exact same code used in the Group membership widget prints the correct list of groups on any other page it is used (since it is called by basically the same code that used for the Group membership widget that comes with the Groups plugin).  This paragraph might not make a ton of sense...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for a great plugin though!

  • Also, in /mod/ishouvik_riverdashboard/views/default/page/elements/groups.php if I change the line:

    $content = "<div class=\"is-groups-element\">" . $title . elgg_list_entities_from_relationship($options) . "</div>";


    $content = "<div class=\"is-groups-element\">" . $title . elgg_list_entities_from_relationship_count($options) . "</div>";

    it displays each group only once, but it still displays every group for every member.  And that is probably not the function that should be used there anyway...

    I am going to try this plugin on a fresh install of Elgg 1.8.8 and see if the same thing happens.  Will let you know.

    Slash I don't even know if you still check this.  I hope so.  Thanks!

  • Im getting this when any posts



  • Seems like a missing language file. Do you have the wires plugin enabled?

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