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Redirect management for your Elgg site.

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!!! This plugin requires the phloorFramework - please make sure you got the LATEST release !!!

This plugin enables rerouting of URLs. Administrators are able to create and manage 'Redirect' entities.

One can define a source and a destination url. If the source url matches with one of the entities a user will be redirected to the destination url accordingly. You are also able to use regular expressions (regex) or some special patterns for the source url.

Special Patterns are:

  • %wwwroot% => will be replaced with your Elgg sites domain
  • %username% => will be replaced with the current logged in username

If you use full qualified urls (e.g. "%wwwroot%XYZ" or "") the request will actually be forwarded with status code "302 - Moved Temporarily" (the address bar will contain the destination url).

Otherwise (just the query e.g. "pages/view/.*/.*" => "activity") only the page handler is switched (the url in the address bar still is the given "source"!



What you CAN do:

  • create real redirects
  • reroute requests (switch page handler)
  • use regular expressions in source url
  • different read access levels (e.g. for logged in users only)
  • circumvent walled garden for specific page


What you can NOT do:

  • transfer parameters from source to destination (thus no automated circumvention of walled garden)


  • English
  • German (coming soon!)





Source:      %wwwroot%REDIRECT_TO_GOOGLE



Source:      %wwwroot%REAL_REDIRECT

Destination: %wwwroot%activity



Destination: activity



Example problem. You want to change the index page of your site quickly. Question. How can that be solved with this plugin? Answer. You have to create 2 redirect objects!

The first is a real redirect with:

Source:      %wwwroot%

Destination: %wwwroot%/welcome

The second one is with:

Source:      welcome

Destination: pages/view/34828/welcome-to-our-website

This will route "" to "" - in the address bar the url will be "".

See the plugin in action in that specfic scenario on where you'll first get rredirected to "pages/view/142/home" and that pagehandler is switched to display an other site that contanis a different menu - take a look!




This plugin uses icons from the amazing famfamfam silk icon set. Please visit: Thank you Mr Mark James for this great work.


!! This plugin is beta and highly experimental - you can really screw up your site at the moment because no "real" security mechanisms are built in (the only thing thats done is checking if the source and destination are equal [and you can trick that too]). So please try to avoid creating infinite redirect cycles.. if you do create one nontheless - wait it out :) !!


Please report any errors. Suggestions are very welcome. If you like the plugin please consider a recommendation. Thank you!


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