Body Background for 1.8 v1.8-12.01.27b

Release Notes

/** * @version 1.8-12.01.27b */

  • fixed "edit" bug (created multiple instances)
  • enable/disable profiles backgrounds for users
  • this release introduces the experimental feature to let your users upload (up to three) custom background images for their profile (can be enabled/disabled via admin interface). also -> the previous release had a bug which causes an edited entity to be created multiple times (stupid me -_-) - please upgrade!

    please report your experience with this plugin. thank you!!113

  • Not Working in 1.8.3 The settings form hidden! /admin/plugin_settings/phloor_body_background 

  • @livebook: yeah. thats because really only "body { background: ...; }" gets set in the css. All the other styling stuff has to defined by an other theme or by your very own adapted CSS (take a look at Matt Becketts "Customize CSS" plugin.

    @liang: settings form hidden.. hmm.. not on my 1.8.3 - can you provide more information via mail/pm? highly appreciated - thanks.

  • Thanks !! Very, very, very good! Very useful plugin.
    I recommend, good work! +like

  • UrL: /phloor_body_background/add/958626

    Fatal error: Class 'PhloorElggThumbnails' not found in /mod/phloor_body_background/classes/PhloorBackgroundImage.php on line 6

  • @liang: This plugin requires the phloorFramework - please make sure you got the LATEST release.

  • Esto es espectacular! Una pregunta, hay alguna manera de que los usuarios no puedan subir su imagen, solo seleccionarla de una lista subida por el administrador?

    Pdta: No hablo ingles, mis disculpas por preguntar en otro idioma 

  • Sorry - don't understand. Can you try to explain it in English, please?

  • @sherson: Esto será en la próxima versión.

    @all: picking pictures from images predefined by admins will be supported in the next release.

  • somethings not quite right with mine, it works great but everytime i upload a pic it logs me out, not a major issue but any ideas why that might be happening?? thanks

    p.s. i have the latest phloorFramework and am running elgg 1.8.3

  • Firstly, thank you 13net for a most awsome plugin. This is exactly what I've been looking for and it works perfectly!

    The only problem I'm having, and it may be due to my own negligence, is that I can't seem to get background images to show up in the evil IE - although the background colors are there. I was just wondering if this is an issue for others as well? And if so have you worked out a solution? Thanks again, Geo.

  • Update: I'm sorry, it seems the problem I was having with "the evil IE" was actually my own fault. I apparently had two different backgrounds assigned to the main background and that's what caused the issue. Thanks again for the great plugin! It works perfectly!

  • I have a query goodnight install this plugin on my site but I get errorinstallation data placed him saying that I fail

    Name Type Expected Value Actual value Comment
    Requires Elgg version> = 1.8 1.8.3 ok
    Requires Plugin: phloor> = 1.8 1.8-12.01.28b ok
    Requires Priority Before After phloor mistake phloor
    Provides Plugin: phloor_body_background 08.01 to 01.12.27 - ok

    that is what I have to do there in Priority not understand thanks for your help


  • @benjamin make sure it is below the phloorFramework (in the plugin list).

  • Hey, it work great..
    But the picture thumbnail does not show but I can apply the uploaded images
    The thumbnail doesnot show 


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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