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Enables custom background settings on your Elgg site.

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!!! This plugin requires the phloorFramework - please make sure you got the LATEST release !!!

This will give your Elgg site a completly unique look instantly. Just take a look at the screenshots.

This plugin enables Administrators to change Elggs css background settings - this includes uploading a background image or changing the background color.

Also you can allow whether your users are be able to upload background images for their profile page that can be individually placed everywhere on the page. Users are limited to upload 3 images - Admins are able to create an unlimited number of background images.


Recommended when using Elggs default theme - i cannot guarantee that it will work with every 3rd party theme - that depends on its implementation. Just give it a try!

Important notice:

This plugin only applies css rules for the "body" tag! You may want to make your own CSS rules (e.g. the profile pages - which automatically inherit the background and therefore may lead to unreadable content. => take a look at Matt Becketts "Customize CSS" plugin!)



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This plugin is beta. Please report any errors. Suggestions are very welcome. If you like the plugin please consider a recommendation. Thank you!


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