[Elgg 1.7-1.12 & 2.X & 3.X: Elgg Update Services] v1.8.0

Release Notes

Initial release.

  • ok so elgg plugins are registered in a database and then can be referenced.

    like drupal etc?

    this is news to me and I am excited about this.

    is it manual updates?

  • Yes, manual updates (Like drupal). The plugin only notify you about new versions (Like drupal). But you can receive an e-mail with the notification (Not like drupal) :)

    Hope you like. Waiting for your feedback.

  • hello

    if I understand well this plugin elgg update my version?,
    example, if I can use the version 1.8.2 upgrade to 1.8.3? and how will the plugins active in version 1.8.2?

  • @Jaqueline - no this does not update your elgg version.  It simply notifies you of new releases of the plugins you have installed.  It also will not install those updates, you have to do that yourself.  It's simply a convenience plugin for people who don't check the plugin repository all the time.


    @Ray J - Absolutely fantastic job.  It took me a min to find where to view the list - Utilities -> Manage Updates, I had to look at your screen shots.  My only suggestion (if possible) is to highlight plugins with available updates on the actual plugin page.  This is a very welcome addition to the shortlist of must-have plugins.


  • YesI understand perfectly nowI will test it
    Thank you Matt Beckett

    'one last note ... plugins and I will have to be updated with the current directory as well, so the plugin is not compatible'

  • Hmm... my production site is still using previous versions of my plugins.  Most of them are listed as being available for upgrade, but Access Plus is currently at 1.0 and does not show as being available for upgrade.  The current version available is 1.2.  Anything I should check?

  • @Ray J

    sorry, i meat that elgg devs have a database they can submit plugin version numbers to and your plugin cross references your install's plugins against the plugin database to inform you of new versions?

  • Nicccccce ain't it ? to see such motivated developments; -oO Unlike most PlugIns which I download just to read thru the code and study techniques or coding styles.. Some PlugIns that DeScoop (aka 'masters of the universe' lolz;) - actually reviews for potential use for himself and.. this be one of those ! Meu amigo 'RayJ' ;- keep it up... You know where I stand w.r.t to such Pkgs...!

    @Matt: Check your manifest.xml data - Access Plus still says v.1.1 and that manifest is what drives the upgrade detection logic.


  • @Stumpy:
    Just install
    run ;-)
    then see
    then talk..


  • @Dhrup - you're right, my manifest wasn't updated with the rest of the plugin.  Thanks for letting me know.

  • Deprecated in 1.8: settings/elgg_update_services/edit was deprecated in favor of plugins/elgg_update_services/settings Called from [#8] E:\Uniserver\www\Social\engine\lib\views.php:503
  • Utilities : Manage Updates

    Deprecated in 1.8: The 'page_elements/contentwrapper' has been deprecated Called from [#7] E:\Uniserver\www\Social\engine\lib\views.php:503
    No updates available
  • @Richard: I will check the deprecated functions ASAP.

    @All: The update uses field combinations in plugin´s manifest. Something can be wrong with very old plugins and malformed manifests.

  • Very good work, Ray J.  congratulations!

    About the msg mentioned above it happened using the Elgg 1.8.3.

    I've got then and solved it by change:


    echo elgg_view('input/text', array('internalname' => "params[notify_mail_address]",

    echo elgg_view('input/text', array('name' => "params[notify_mail_address]",

    2. copy and rename the archive:

    '\mod\elgg_update_services\views\default\settings\elgg_update_services\edit.php' to

    3. And, delete the directory tree '\settings\elgg_update_services\edit.php'.




  • The archive 'pt_br.php' need to change to UTF-8.  The portuguese letters are not displaying.  I have the archives to send you, if you want.

  • Really great job.. Congrats and thanks for your great work on this plugin.


  • Looks like a very interesting plugin. I'm looking forward to a fixed 1.8 version.

    Maybe alternatively to check automatically via cron a manual "Check now" would also be a nice feature. You might not want to check for updates every week. But when you want to look what updates might be available you want to know "now".


  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-4-7
  • Downloads: 4583
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