Vanilla 2 integeration with elgg 1.8.3 v1.1

Release Notes

This version of the plugin enables it to be displayed properly with the facebook theme for elgg 1.8.3.

View the readme.txt file for instructions of the changes on facebook_theme for displaying the vanilla link in the top bar

  • Should we install another database for vanila or will it use other software..


  • It is your decision, there is no interaction between databases in this plugin,

  • Hi, Shahar! Let's see if you can help me out here. I'm using Elgg 1.8.5 with Purity Theme and Vanilla and can't seem to set it up correctly. Don't know if versions have anything to do, but decided to try out latest versions, since they might work correctly with the plugin. Maybe I missing some setup step. I'll explain myself:

    I've installed vanilla 2 in the vendors/ subfolder using an independent DB. I've installed it and activated the elgg plugin setting with these parameters:

    Vanilla URL: http://<mysite>/vendors/vanilla/

    Then I went to the Vanilla dashboard (logging in as my vanilla administrator user through http://<mysite>/vendors/vanilla/ URL) and activated the proxy plugin, and configuring it as follows:

  • Update: the exact thing I'm observing is that the login/logout doesn't work ok. If I login with, let's say, USER1 and go to the forum, I have to click on "Sign In" to login to the forum. that works, but I think that shouldn't be necessary and therefore, something is not going well. Then I click on Logout (Elgg's) and it logs out, but if I login with USER2 and go to forum... USER1 is still logged in.

    Besides, if I click on the forums Signout, The ellg login appears embedded where the forum was.


  • Hi Sergio,


    Login /logout should work automatically once you activate proxy connect on vanilla.

    I have not tested it with 1.8.5 , so it could be the problem here, or misconfiguration of the proxy connect(looks okay from your previous post).

    Try to clear Elgg, vanilla and browser cache, sometimes proxy connect act wierd.



  • Ok. If I can't get it to run, I'll wait in case you update it for 1.8.5 (I can't use 1.8.3 due to another plugin incompatibility than needs 1.8.4 or higher).

    I'll try your suggestions.

    Thank you again.

  • Stilla can't get it to work correctly. A few observations:

    • Proxyconnect's latest version is 1.9.9 (not 2, as said in readme file). If there does exist a v2, where can I get it?
    • I tried installing plugin with elgg 1.8.3 with default theme without success.
    • I observed that sign out from Vanilla's menus tend to sign me out of elgg. I think that the problem is the elgg plugin rather than the proxyconnect plugin.
    Still have to try 1.8.3 with Vanilla, as advertised.
    Best regards
  • Hi again. I've just tried following installation step by step with:

    - Elgg 1.8.3

    - Vanilla

    - Proxyconnect 1.9.9

    It still messes up logins and doesn't make logout correctly. My vanilla & elgg admin user id/password are the same. I don't know if this is relevant.


    Thank you.



  • Ok, first of all, sorry for so much post. I'm testing possibilities an "posting outloud" :)

    I think that the plugin is really working ok, since I have just tested it with two separate and different browsers (Chrome and Firefox). each of them with different user login logs in ok to vanilla. BUT, there is still a security issue if two users use the same browser. Like I told before: the problem is when user1 logs in to elgg & vanilla, logs out through elgg (you would expect it to log out from vanilla too), then comes user2 and logs in to elgg and he/she finds that user1 is still logged into vanilla.

    Shahar, can you confirm this issue and, if it's positive, tell us if it can/will be fixed?

    I will recommend the plugin once the issue is resolved.

    Thank you four this lovely plugin! Hope we can make it rock solid.

    PS: Maybe it does work with 1.8.5   O_o?

  • Sergio,

    Thanks for you report.

    I tested the scenarios you mentioned, on my site on same browser with private browsing with clearing the cache, and didn't found any security issues.

    Proxy Connect stores the user logged in, in the cache.

    I don't think two users that uses the same browser's session, is a very common scenario and points on a big security issue.

    it is a problem for testing it, but you can use private browsing and clearing the browser cache.

    I'll take it forward to fix this issue but it is a low priority issue.

    Try it with different browsers, on 1.8.5 and let me know how it went, soon i'll upgrade the release with some new features.




  • Is there any way to change the size of the iframe. It can cut off after so many replys. 

  • Hi, Shahar!

    is that the plugin works with vanilla2 in its own directory ?

    eg: http://myelggURL/ and http://myvanillaURL/&nbsp;

    vanilla2 is already installed and I am trying to add elgg on my server and I would avoid modify vanilla2 install. 

    sorry for my english google translate help me !




  • The last post was 75 days ago, so I am not sure if this plugin is still being updated. I visited the Vanilla Forums web site and here is what they say about proxy connect:

    We no longer recommend using this plugin. Instead, use our jsConnect plugin.



  • i installed this ... after a little trial and error, I did get it all working including the proxyConnect.

    However, when I have the Contemp theme installed, the forum layout is borked ... can not get proper focus and/or click on things.

  • stil fighting with this thing...

    Make sure you are logged in to, then press 'Test!'.

    Remote Response

    Service Temporarily Unavailable

    The server closed the connection without sending any data.

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems.

    Due to heavy load on the server, connections may be temporarily blocked from locations that fetch an unusually high number of pages.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Could not understand the ini response received from the AuthenticateURL. Your application is not responding in a way that ProxyConnect understands!
    Main site url

    installed vanilla in second database
    installed vanilla /public_html/forum
  • Greetings,

    I cannot get this thing to work properly. I am using the latest versions of ELGG 1.8.16, latest version of Vanilla Forum with latest version of ProxyConnect 1.9.9. Every looks fine and even the ProxyConnect TEST runs successfully. However, when I ...

    • Login to ELGG = Does NOT login of Vanilla Forum.
    • Logout of ELGG = Does NOT logout of Vanilla Forum.
    • Login to Vanilla Forum = Does NOT login to ELGG.
    • Logout of Vanilla Forum = Works OK, it will logout of ELGG.

    Any suggestions?



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