SAML authentication (based on simpleSAMLphp) v1.3

Release Notes

Added group support

  • Is this plugin for making Elgg be the login page to other SAML-enabled services like Google Apps? Or is it for allowing Elgg be a service that others can get into by logging in with another login provider? What I am looking for is: Someone wants to login to Elgg. They get redirected to our existing LemonLDAP as our SAML login page. The user logs in successfully, and redirects back to Elgg and the user is allowed into Elgg.

  • This plugin add SAML support to Elgg.  Convert it in a SAML Service Provider (using the simplesamlphp software).

    You will need to build also a SAML Identity provider, use the LemonLDAP as the auth backend and connect the SAML IdP with the Elgg SP.

  • I installed the SAML files from Google Code, as well as the plugin for Elgg. However, I have not configured the plugin properly (other than pointing to the location of the SAML files). Should I edit the authsources.php file and replace it with the project IDs from Windows Live/Google? How should I configure the plugin so SAML works with Elgg?

  • Hello,

    I can not run this mod.
    I do not know if this is the mode itself. My conf. Or my simpleSAMLphp conf.
    I created a discution on the simpleSAMLphp mailing list with all the details of my installation.!topic/simplesamlphp/8_2X8dD4paY

    If you have the goodness to give me a hand :)


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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