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LiangLee Mian Page 1.0.4

* Add German language

* Add Contributors File.


* Update CHANGES

  • Hello any chance you can create a mainpage with login form on left and registration on right please?

  • I am using Darkgrey theme (1.8) and for some reason your custom login will not override the mainpage for customization. Any thoughts? Thank you very much!

  • @mpcourt i will make for you and release soon !

    @KenE can you post image or photo!? did you mean that the login form is not display on right side if so go to settings of this plugin and select login page or registration page and save it will work!

  • Excellent, i very much look forward to it, Thank You


  • @mpcourt

    i will release soon as i already developed and i am chaning apperance and after i will send to our Tester team and release soon!

  • Liang, Thank you for your response. Here is a shot of the unchanged login page. I have done the following:

    • Enable LiangleeFramework
    • Now Download Liang Lee Main Page
    • Extract to mod directory
    • Enable custom index plugin
    • Enable Liang lee Main page
    • Flush Cache form admin dashboard.
    • Run yourwebsite/upgrade.php
    • you can visit charlestonvibe(dot)com to see the login is unchanged. Thank you.

    Ken E

  • @Liang Lee

    Thank You, sounds awesome.

    If you included a text area where we could write whatever we wanted like "welcome to my site here you can do things and sign up and la la la etc" that would be even more awesome.


  • @KenE

    Dont know if it helps but mine works fine and i have my plugins listed from the top as below. Also try emptying your browser history etc, with google chrome on mine it doesnt seem to like the changes unless i clear the history so i always use chrome to build the site and firefox to check and i have firefox set to never remember anything.

    Plugin: redirect


    Plugin: custom_index 1.8
    LiangleeFramework 1.0.2
    LiangLee_mainpage 1.0.4
  • @mpcourt Thanks for your thoughts, I ordered the plugins as you suggested and tested with various browsers but still no the redirect 1.0 essential in this mix? I dont have that plugin nor did I see it in the instructions?

  • @Liang Lee  @mpcourt I have tried numerous ways to get the plugin working but have failed. I checked with the theme developer Darkgrey 1.8 and they said there should be no conflict. Is there something I am missing in the ordering of the plugins perhaps? I apologize for my ignorance. Here is a screenshot of my plugin order from the bottom:

    This is the main page that is seen (it is the default for the theme)

    Thank you so much for any help - Ken

  • @Ken E

    thats just my plugin list from the TOP put these all at the TOP of the list in this order

    Plugin: custom_index 1.8
    LiangleeFramework 1.0.2
    LiangLee_mainpage 1.0.4

     , the redirect is just another plugin i use, its good. i use the theme bright_theme and Liang plugins work great thats all i can say really, try the new release

  • @mpcourt thanks for all your help. I tried everything you suggested and a few other things but It would appear that my theme is not playing well with Liang's plugins. I may test with a different theme. You have been very gracious and helpful!

  • @liang lee - maybe I need to ask this very elementary question. By "main page" we are talking about the paige that anyone who goes to my url will see which will include the login box? AKA- index page?

  • @KenE can no worry can you tell me which theme are you using may be i will help you to integrate with your theme ???

  • @LiangLee

    Hello again, i am having issues and hoped you could help. 

    Just wondering why elgg doesn't remember that i have logged in on my system and remember it so when i go to the site again it can go straight to my activity and not have to click from the custom index page. Like facebook really when i got to facebook i never have to login or see the frontpage it just goes straight to my activity page.

    It does remember that i have logged in but i still get the homepage, i want it to skip this and go directly to activity. its strange, it remembers login details but doesnt go straight to being logged in, i have to click on a link on the homeoage (activity, blogs, etc)

    i think this might work but i dont know, or where to put it in the index.php

    if (elgg_is_logged_in()){



    Your help is greatly appreciated, Thank You

  • You mean you want the when user is login or visit the automatically redirected to if so

    • Which theme are you using?
    • Did cusom index plugin is activited?
  • Yes you are correct i want logged in users to go straight to the activity and not the customindex/lianglee mainpage

    I want unregistered/not logged in users to be greeted with the custom index/lianglee mainpage

    i am using, 3column activity, bright_theme, custom index, LiangLee MainPage.

    Thank You for helping on this one

  • @lianglee

    i mean your Zhuye, NOT mainpage


  • @liang lee I am using Elgg Zone Darkgrey 1.8 Theme. I did a fresh re-install of my entire site and still does not work correctly. I would be very happy for your assistance getting it integrated if you have some ideas.

    Thank you again.

  • @KenE Answer the question above:

    1. Which plugin you want to interagte with Darkgrey theme?
  • @mpcourtin

    in my Liang Lee Zhuye Plugin go to views/default/pages/layout/custom_index.php

    add this code

    <?phpif (elgg_is_logged_in()){forward('activity');}

  • @liang lee I hae been trying to activate MainPage so that when a visitor comes to the site, they see your custom login page (image with login box on right) I have tried numerous orders in the plugin hierarchy but no luck. I have also tried using Zhuye but was not working. my site is Thank you for your help.

  • SUCCESS THANK YOU, flushed the caches, all ok



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