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/** * @version 1.8-12.01.13 */- Initial release

  • @13net I am using custom_index and enabled the top bar plugin, but it is not displaying anything for not loggedin users.  I can not see the top bar at all even after rebuild and clearing the cache.


    Thanks for the mod

  • i did not override any core files - so by default it will do exactly what the standard topbar would do: not showing up for non-logged-in users. you have to edit/override the core layout file for this behaviour. pm me if you need help.

  • @13net the code below works fine, but one small issue it makes the Dashboard link visibile to non logged in users.  And when you click it, it gives you the error that you have to be logged in.

    <?php /*if (elgg_is_logged_in()):*/ ?>

     <div class="elgg-page-topbar">       

      <div class="elgg-inner">           

       <?php echo $topbar; ?>       



    <?php /*endif;*/ ?>

  • @fareed: that'd also happen with the standard topbar. thats an "issue" (not really a bug) of the dashboard plugin - it registers its menuitem even when the user is not logged in. please report it to

    you can help yourself by adding this code to the "phloor_topbar_pagesetup" function in the file "start.php":

    if(!elgg_is_logged_in()) {

     elgg_unregister_menu_item('topbar', 'dashboard');



  • Will phoorFramework conflict with hypeFramework and vise-versa?

  • @Burgs Has not been tested yet - but I dont see a reason for any conflict. Go for it.

  • @Burgs, I have both frameworks running just fine - make sure Hype's is below phloor's.

  • @Richard Hipkin... Just had a couple of days running both frameworks, just Alive plugin and Topbar plugin from each activated. I have hype above phloor in plugin order and all is runing fine, why do you comment that hype needs to be below phloor, does it involve other plugins from them? 

  • @Burgs, just playing it safe :) I noticed that Ismayil usually finishes off his instructions with "make sure that the plugin is at the bottom....", or something along those lines whereas 13net doesn't anyway, I thought it probably be better to follow the developers advice :) I have no problems and judging by your response neither do you! So all good ;)

  • @richard most of my plugins dont care about where you put them. If a specific order is required it is definitely mentioned in the readme.txt file or specified in the manifest.xml file. as long as the phloor framework is _over_ all phloor plugins it should be fine.

  • My God your plugins are excellent!

  • Is there a way to get the regular menu items to show for guests? Also my search box isn't showing for guests? I already used you edit for them to show in the topbar for guests and that works.This might not involve your plugin...


  • It might be because I'm using the Darkzone theme.

  • why do you need your "framework" when you can just add a simple file to make the topbar visible?


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