[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X & 3.X: Expirationdate] v1.8.0

Release Notes

  • First release of Elgg 1.8 port.
  • I always thought about a ban user plugin after no activity for some time. This sounds useful for sure.

  • @TahoeBilly: I don't think that you would be able to easily implement an automatic user deletion mechanism with the Expirationdate plugin. The Expirationdate plugin allows to set a specific static expiration date that is in the future. Then the plugin checks via cron if any dates are exceeded and executes deletion and whatever defined in the corresponding plugin hook.

    On the other hand you would need to evaluate a dynamic past date (not logged in within X days/months etc.) when checking for user accounts without any activity. While you could implement a mechanism to ban accounts depending on an expiration date that would be needed to get updated dynamically on each login then, I believe it would be easier to implement directly a user account cleanup cronjob. When the cronjob is executed it would only need to compare the last login date with the current date and depending on a predefined allowed account rest time either delete/ban the account or do nothing.


    Every Elgg entitiy you want to. You have to understand that the Expiration date plugin itself has no rules for any entities included. It only offers methods to set/unset an expiration date for entities and checks for expired entities via a cronjob. If expired entities are found they are either disabled or deleted. In addition there's a plugin hook to allow for defining further action to be executed on these entities.

    Using this plugin only makes sense in connection with another plugin that is utilizing the methods of the Expirationdate plugin or if you want to write your own plugin that might implement the necessary rules to set an expiration date on entities etc. The only plugin currently known to me that is utilizing the Expirationdate plugin methods is the Userpoints plugin. You can optionally define the awarded userpoints to expire after a defined intervall or you can optionally set userpoints awarded for inviting new members to expire if these people don't register within a certain intervall.

  • Don't work at 1.8.3.

    Do you have any suggestion about this error?


    Deprecated in 1.8: get_context() was deprecated by elgg_get_context(). Called from [#16] /var/www/vhosts/yoursite.com/.../mod/expirationdate/start.php:166


  • @correodabid:

    Check the version of the expirationdate plugin you have installed. I'm sure you get this error because you don't have the Elgg 1.8 version but the original version of Brett installed that is not compatible with Elgg 1.8.

  • Hello, I'm having trouble with the expirationdate and userpoints plugins.  Ran the cronjob manually expirationdate: ok was the reply.  But the points don't update.  What am I doing wrong?  Tried it via the cronjob and has same result. Reply is OK but nothing actually happens?  Using latest versions of both plugins.

  • I think the exirationdate plugin is working fine (if you have set up the cron job correctly and chosen this job interval in the expirationdate plugin settings). Most likely it's rather an issue of configurating the userpoints plugin correctly. See my reply to your posting there.


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