Frontpage Campaign v0.8

  • Nudeler2

    Haha - I like THAT frontpage very much!

  • hmm... a very inventive combination from flipwall, socialshareprivacy and videolist ;-) me @ gustos / likes muchos..! ;-oO

  • @nudler2 . smile .
    drup-man, that's a serious frontpage for serious campaigns my friend . . . .  ;-))

  • @manfred: finally, someone who can make use of the flipwall. very nice! keep 'em coming :)

  • Interesting one man! I like it very much!

  • Hi everybody!

    I have actived this plugin but did not put it at the top of the list of the modules and now... a blank site !

    By ftp, i deleted the module in the directory so i can log in the site but I can't go to the admin section => Erreur HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) in Chrome or blank page on firefox or safari...

    What can I do ? Go in phpmyadmin to change something? but what?

    elgg 1.8.2

    Thanks !

  • @netgrabber this plugin musst placed at the bottom^ not top ;-)
    anyway, that's not the reason for your trouble, i checked it out
    do nothing change at the database or you you get even more trouble ;-))
    make a copy of your corrupted mod-folder
    then delete your corrupted mod-folder
    copy a mod-folder (that works) e. g. from your local installation to your web-location
    that should work

    and . . . .

    first you activate the plugin you get a blank site
    because you must first edit the settings of the plug in
    then you must load your pictures an videos . . . .
    and than you will see something ;-))

  • Allright, i'm gonna try this but i do not understand why i can't go to the admin section... All the rest of the site is ok...

    It was in the bottom because the last plugin uploaded...

  • Nudeler2


    Is there a way to use Frontpage Campaigne without the plugin: File?

  • @nudeler no, Frontpage Campaigne works only with file plugin
    i thought it was a good idea to use the file plugin
    would you like to have a separate entity?

  • Nudeler2

    I disabled the file-plugin. For to show up videos wthout the file-plugin, videolinks must be embedded.

    I mean: Is there a chance that you make a version that works in that way?

  • you can disable files for embeding . . .  
    in the start.php of mod file comment line 86 like:
    // elgg_register_menu_item('embed', $item);

  • Now that I reloaded the mod folder, I would like to reinstall this great plugin but I'm scared that it makes the same mistake...

    I would like to know exactly what normally happens when you activate this plugin.


  • What happens when there are for example two files named #1#. Won't there be a conflict? Wouldn't it be better to set up the plugin's images to be used by providing GUIDs of the image files or include the option to upload the necessary images in the admin section separately. Then the file plugin would also no longer have to be enabled?

  • @netgrabber when you install this plugin it links to a custom index page for your site
    because at the first time you have not made the settings for the plugin it shows a blank site
    (in the next version it will display a note, that you must first edit the settings, before you can see anything)

    @ionly if you named e. g. more than one file #1# . . . . they are displayed.
    why not? that's no conflict, if you want that . . .
    i assume the admin of the site knows what he does ;-)

    the rule is:
    pictures must loaded by the adim (ID fix in the settings)
    every picture named #1# is displayed as big flip-picture
    pictures named #2#, #3# or #4# are displayed as small flip-pictures as bloc (in the next version you can choose if the bloc is shown left or right)
    and next version: all other pictures named with a beginning # are displayed as small flip-pictures on the left side after the 'bloc' or big flip-picture(s)

  • Ok, thanks a lot, I will try this week-end...

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