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Updated to function in elgg 1.8

  • @Mistress: how about sending your improvements to the orginal plugin developer instread of releasing "fixed" plugins? Jeroen Dalsem is very active on the community site - i think he'd appreciate it.

  • this is interesting but if someone hacks your admin account they could really do some damage to your site with this, not just disabling your plugins and whatnot but deleteing them and uploading their own, i think its safer to upload and delete plugins via ftp but if u understand the risks and what then this would be great oh and great work either way, im sure plently of people will use it

  • @Jpardee We change every 3 weeks the admin password for security reasons.

  • @13 - Frankly the idea did not occur to me, though, if you notice, I do include the link to the original plugin and I will send a message... just haven't done it yet.  And he hasn't released a new version of this plugin in close to 3 years so..... I honestly was not aware of how active or inactive he had been on the site.  I've been too busy making sites to follow this one that much.

    @Jpardee - I am aware of the potential safety issue of this plugin, as I would hope anyone that uses it would be.... the safety issue is already addressed on the original plugin page so I did not see a  reason to belabor the point. Additionally, if one is vulnerable to hacking, a hacker could wreck havoc on a site without this plugin.... so that issue is kind of irrelevant to this plugin specifically.  That is a basic safety issue that applies to all elgg sites (and all websites in general). I would hope everyone knows how to create and use a secure password for their administration panel.  I uploaded this as an admin utility as I, personally, do not upload via ftp unless I need to... this plugin makes my job soooo much easier and makes the backend easier to use (I work with Joomla as well, so being able to install directly in the site is nice).

  • @Mistress: Thanks a lot for this plugin. This plugin ease my job.... :-)

  • This is awesome.  Thank you so much.  I cant use ftp, things keep breaking when I do.  anyway, thank you. Blessings

  • You're welcome, though I did not create the plugin, only modified it to run on 1.8

  • I got hacked. I'm reinstalling everything! They deleted all.

  • No FTP? Try Ajaxplorer or extplorer - web based file managers.

    BTW - ftp is not that secure anyway. Better to use ssh/scp, sftp or https for admin.

    Finally - I will give this a try, but first - does it check for new versions of the plugins?




  • @SKS : if you got hacked, can you get the status of other sites on the same server and the detailed report on it? and mail it to security @ elgg . org . It will be usefull ofr others too

  • plugin installer is not showing up in the admin area "side menu" as shown in the picture...any tips to get it to show in the menu


  • can i please get some help with these issues....Thx

    when i change "add _submenu_item" to "elgg_register_menu_item" the plugin button from the left menu disapers.

    Deprecated in 1.8: add_submenu_item was deprecated by elgg_register_menu_item Called from [#6] C:\web\htdocs\abcd_net\mod\plugin_installer\start.php:23
    and i dont know what to do with this
    Deprecated in 1.8: The use of unlimited optional string arguments in elgg_view_layout() was deprecated in favor of an options array Called from [#1] C:\web\htdocs\abcd_net\mod\plugin_installer\index.php:13
     and when i change this line without changing the above line the page goes blank
    Deprecated in 1.8: page_draw() was deprecated in favor of elgg_view_page() in 1.8. Called from [#1] C:\web\htdocs\abcd_net\mod\plugin_installer\index.php:13
    i assume this line belong to the core pack, and should not be touched
    Deprecated in 1.8: admin plugins should route through 'admin'. Called from [#4] C:\web\htdocs\abcd_net\engine\lib\views.php:503
  • I have noticed some bizarre errors in this plugin with the changes in elgg... and it works well on some of my elgg sites and not so well (or at all) on others, all the same 'version' of elgg... so I would suggest going to the person who created the original plugin... it is beyond my skill to answer some of the questions asked.  Sorry...

Mistress RavenGoth

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