[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Elggx Badges] v1.8.6

Release Notes


  • Fixed a copy+paste issue in deactivate.php (this bug resulted in the Tidypics plugin to fail after the Elggx Badges plugin was disabled and could result in activity page or index page not being displayed correctly anymore).

(Best way to update to version 1.8.6: do not disable the Badges plugin before the update but overwrite the elggx-badges folder directly. After the new version is copied to the server execute "Upgrade" from the admin dashboard)

  • Yep, the name of the badge does appear on the profile page or the river entry separately. But if you hover your mouse pointer above the badge image there should appear a little "tooltip" box that shows the name of the badge. If you want the name of the badge to be displayed in addition separately, you would need to modify the river views and the views/default/badges/icon.php view.

    Link assigned to badge does not seem to work on river entries indeed. Need to figure out why...

    CSS for badge description (.badges_profile_description) is in views/default/badges/css.php.

  • I'll have to take a look at the access level handling. Maybe there's a bug in there indeed that results in default access not being adopted for the badges. Maybe next weekend...

  • Can we add multiple badges to the user .now only one badge can be show at a time .jsut like badge collection

  • @SUNEL: this question has been asked a few times before and the answer is still the same. It's not possible to have more than one badge assigned to a user account at the same time. With a major rewrite of the badges plugin this could be achieved but it would really be a "major" rewrite and not only some minor changes. If I ever have the time to do it, I might start with this task. But this won't happen soon.

    @Michele: it seems there really is an issue with display of badges that have "site default" as access level. But I'm slightly at a loss for the reason at the moment. There might be currently an issue in Elgg core with display of "site default access level" items or it might be a misunderstanding on my side how "site default" access level is supposed to work. I could reproduce the situation that badge images are not shown in the river when logged out when they have "site default" access level even if the site default is "public" while they are displayed when the badges' access level itself is explicitely "public". I'm not sure I can do anything within the badges plugin to fix this faulty behaviour as the access level of badges are saved correctly (I checked the database entries directly). For now I can only suggest to set the access level of the badges explicitely to the desired access level and not use the "site default" setting.

  • @iionly: once I create more than five badges, under the "List of Badges" it duplicates every badge created after that on a second page, even though the 10 per page limit has not been reached. You can't delete the duplicate badge without deleting both (on the first page and subsequent page).  You end up with a bunch of duplicate badges in the list. I also checked this behaviour with all non-bundled plugins disabled.

    elgg 1.8.15

    elgg badge 1.8.6

  • @Starphysique: thanks for reporting!

    While I've not been able to reproduce the badges to appear twice there's definitely a bug with pagination. I think for you each of your badges is displayed twice once the pagination bug occurs. So, deleting one of the two badges deletes both as they are the same.

    I'll fix the pagination bug and will release an updated version asap (though I might need until next weekend to finish).


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  • Updated: 2019-2-25
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