[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Elggx Badges] v1.8.4

Release Notes


  • Fixed a deprecated issue introduced by Elgg 1.8.4,
  • Fix in river entries handling: commenting on badge river entries is no longer possible (Former version allowed commenting on entries about badges awarded to users. Unfortunately, for the same badge awarded all comments written to different users showed up together because there's only a single Elgg entity of each badge. The possibility to add comments was only a side-effect anyway, because in the former version the badge entity was declared as "object" when creating the river entry. Elgg added the commenting option automatically. Now the user getting the badge is the "object". In this case Elgg offers no commenting option...)
  • Dear developer,

    I was wondering if there could be a feature where we can appoint somebody to award badges may be a group of people without giving them the admin permission.

    please let me know.


  • @Brahm: implementing the feature you suggested isn't a simple task. The complete badge administration / assignment options are available only in the admin section of the site which is kind of shieled by the rest of the site - by checking if the logged in user is an admin or not. Elgg has no "moderator" level built in by default. Therefore it's not possible to built up on any existing functions to create something like a "moderator section". Instead it would be necessary to code the access control of such an area based for example on a per-user basis and make adjustments throughout the code of the Badge plugin. While some "roles" plugins became available for Elgg 1.8 in the meantime I think it would still be a lot of work to do to make the necessary adjustments to be able to make use of such roles plugins. If this would work out in the end or not, I can't predict. And unfortunately, I don't have the time necessary to test out these roles plugins and rewrite the Badges plugin right now.

  • How do I change the "For Sale" and "Experiance" badge type labels?




  • @John: I don't know what you mean by "For sale" and "Experience" badge type labels. There're no such labels in this plugin. Are you sure you asked your question on the right page/the right plugin?

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to manually assign more than one badge to a user so that both show on their profile?


  • @stoz: sorry, but no. There's only a single badge possible at a time.

  • Nice plugin, recommended! but it breaks some part of Lianglee panel if activated, any idea on what to do to fix this?

  • @Dave: What exactly gets broken?

  • @iionly: the new user's column is splitted and the admin avatar doesn't show up!..when i deactivated the plugin,it all went back to normal. I upgraded my site to elgg 1.8.12 to see if it works but that did not help,i only get the warning "deprecated in 1.8" alongside the rest of the plugins including the gifts plugin

  • @Dave:

    I've tried out how it looks with Lianglee's panel plugin and I also see the issues with the new user listing on the dashboard and the missing admin avatar in the upper right corner. What I can't see is any deprecated notice. What exactly does the deprecated notice tell you, i.e. what is deprecated? Is the deprecated issue connected with the Badges plugin at all or is it caused by some other plugin on your site? If you could show me the complete notice - including the path information that should be included - I might be able to tell more.

    Regarding the display issues with Lianglee's panel plugin: let's see it from a different point of view. With Lianglee's panel-plugin disabled it does work without any display issues, too.

    The problem seems to me that the layout of the admin section, especially also the dashboard page, is done by the panel plugin with a lot of custom css style code including formatting the page structure with tables. To be able to overlay the badges icon over the user avatar it's necessary to define a table in the badges icon view, too. I don't know if the displaying of the avatars fails to work with both the badges and the panel plugin active at the same time due to the nesting of the tables. But I'm afraid I can't do anything in the code of the badges plugin to get it to work together with the panel plugin of Lianglee. If the panel plugin wouldn't use the tables to built up the admin pages / dashboard page layout but would rather work like Elgg default here I would expect that the avatars and the new users listing would be correctly displayed.

  • Thanks iionly, it seem the deprcated issue was from another plugin but the gift plugin doesn't display properly in the send gift page as the dropdown boxes for making selection doesn't seem to work with elgg 1.8.12, that worked well on earlier elgg version for me.

  • @Dave: I'm sorry but I can't reproduce your issue with the dropdown box on the "send gift" page. It works for me on Elgg 1.8.12 without any problems. Could it be caused by some other plugin? If you have issues with deprecated notices - especially with something like a "metatags" view deprecated notice - this could cause issues on basically any page on your site. I can only suggest to find out which other plugin is causing the deprecated notice. You could also disable any other 3rd party plugin apart from the gifts plugin temporarily. Does the send a gift page looks alright then? If yes, some other plugin is surely responsible for the issue.

  • @IIONLY: so sorry, i forgot to setup the gift items from admin settings, it is working perfectly now.Thanks for the assistance.


  • Good plugin but I notice that while it seems to work great while logged in when logged out it does not seem to show the badge on the user's avatar.  Also when it posts the activity in the river stating that the badge was awarded the badge image seems to broken and the numeric total for the points does not appear. 

    I thought this could be a side effect from using the varnish reverse caching proxy but it seems this still occurs even after going  to a default .vcl.  Does this occur for others as well or is it just me?

  • @gtsfan: check out latest version. ;-)

  • I fell in love with this plugin.
    Pls come to my aid, after installing the plugin and I uploaded a picture of 16x16 badges. It all goes well but if I want to assign badge to user, the site will go Fatal error. Pls help...

  • I guess (from the other postings you have made recently) that you use Elgg 3. But this plugin does not yet work on Elgg 3. When I have time I'll update it but this might still take a while.

  • OK sir. Thank you for your efforts.
    I don't mind if you suggest a code that I can add to the plugin.

  • If I would have code that would make the plugin work on Elgg 3 it would mean that I had the time to upgrade the plugin for Elgg 3 already and then I would have made a new release of the plugin already. I simply had not a single minute to work on any of my plugins since spring. It was definitely not my plan to not work on my plugins but sometimes the best plans go wrong.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-2-25
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