[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Elggx Badges] v1.8.3

Release Notes



  • Fixed description URL bug on profile page. The badge image on the profile page below the avatar will now be clickable and link to a url, if this url has been provided in the badge settings (it already worked for the river entries).


  • No overlay of badge on profile pictures when logged out.


  • Added an option to display the user's badge as overlay to the profile icon. It's displayed wherever the avatar of the user is shown on the site. (Requirement: badge images of size 16x16 pixels),
  • Fixed the option to lock the badge when using userpoints (it won't get removed when the number of userpoints falls below the limit the badge got assigned),
  • Fixed the option to display the badge description on the profile page,
  • Added a river entry for manual assignment of badges,
  • Added some missing language strings for river entries (that Elgg 1.8 silently expects to exist).
  • I really like the iionly's plugins. Fine work! :)

    I found a strange issue... maybe it's only happening to me or it's a problem with the river likes/comments mod.
    For example: when the Elggx Badge uses the add_to_river function to display "User X was awarded with the XXX badge" and a other user acquires the same badge later ("User Y was awarded with the XXX badge"), when someone comment or like it, the same comment/like appears in both river updates. How can i fix it? Suggestions?


  • @luizzz: thanks for the report. I've got to investigate this issue. It might take a few days until I'll have the time to do so unfortunately.

  • @luizzz: I can reproduce this issue. The problem is that comments are saved as annotations to river entries. Unfortunately, the comments annotations have the corresponding badge as entity. In earlier versions of Elgg this was not an issue as commenting on river entries was not possible anyway. Now it's different. The same badge gets all comments aiming at all users getting this badge. I've got to do some thinking how to "repair" this problem - if possible... I'm afraid the fix might not be backward compatible to older river entries.


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-2-25
  • Downloads: 8579
  • Recommendations: 27

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