[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Elggx Badges] v1.8.2

Release Notes



  • No overlay of badge on profile pictures when logged out.


  • Added an option to display the user's badge as overlay to the profile icon. It's displayed wherever the avatar of the user is shown on the site. (Requirement: badge images of size 16x16 pixels),
  • Fixed the option to lock the badge when using userpoints (it won't get removed when the number of userpoints falls below the limit the badge got assigned),
  • Fixed the option to display the badge description on the profile page,
  • Added a river entry for manual assignment of badges,
  • Added some missing language strings for river entries (that Elgg 1.8 silently expects to exist).
  • Love the overlay option, but can we have it so larger badges dont overlay at all ? Other wise ALL Badges will need to be 16x16 and I would like some to overlay but larger badges NOT to overlay.

  • The problem is how to identify larger images and to disable the overlaying for them. One possibilty that surely is not good would be to resize all badges to size 16x16 and use all badges for overlay. But larger images surely would look bad if decreased in size and it would cost time to build up the page also in case the badge image is already small enough. So, this possibility won't work.

    So, the only way seems to have the admin deal with it during uploading a badge or editing it. There could be an additional checkbox per badge "Overlay this badge". In case the general overlay option is active the badge plugin would check if the assigned badge has "Overlay this badge" enabled.

    Another possibilty is to have two separate classed of badges, for example "Rank" badges that are used for overlay and "Special" badges. The "Rank" badges would need to be of size 16x16 and would be overlayed. The "Special" badges would only be shown on the profile page and could also be of larger size. With two separate classes of badges I think it would also be necessary to change the userpoints mechanism for automatic badge assignment. I think with two classes only the "Rank" badges should get assigned automatically - and in any case only automatically - while the "Special" badges should only get assigned manually by an admin. For the "Special" badges it might then also be possible to add the option to allow more than 1 badge.

    I will think about the described possibilities - also taking into account feedback in case there is any. If my time permits and I have a clear plan what direction to take I'll try to come up with something. But please, don't expect it to happen overnight as the holiday season is over for me now and work does not leave me with much spare time.

  • @iionly   I have started testing this plugin, works great, Thanks! 

    I personally prefer not to use the overlay option, which makes the page looks rather cluttered. Some feedback so far is as follow:

    - In case of not using the overlay option, there are no badge labels and images displayed with users on the member page. Actually, this info should be there.

    - It would be great to also have levels (1, 2, .... highest level). This is additional wording based on the earned points, just exactly like badges.  Admins could have then 3 options for awarding a user the earned points:  only show the reached level, only show the corresponding badge or both!

    Liebe Grüssen aus Wien :-)

  • @iionly

    Any thoughts on adding somesort of button below the badge in the profile page to be able to save the badge images file, and another button to print the badge file? I know one can click on the file and save it... but I am setting this up for middle school students...


  • @Solcjoye:

    The Tidypics plugin has a download button for image downloads implemented. You could take a look at the code to see how it's done. I'm not sure how to implement a button to start printing directly.

  • @iionly: Again, nice work in updating this. Do you have plans to fix the "Description URL"? Regards...

  • Thanks for the great plugin, the only complaint is that the overlay picture ignores image transparency.

  • @DarthVader: I'm not sure the badge plugin is responsible for the image transparency being ignored. The plugin uses Elgg core functions and php functions only, so the transparency might get lost somewhere between image upload to image getting displayed.

    I wonder: are you using the latest version of the plugin (1.8.4) as you posted your comment here on the download page of version 1.8.2? The latest version won't change the transparence issue but it contains some other fixes.

  • Oops, wrong page but I'm using the current version. The thing that got me wondering is that the badges I've uploaded are transparent against the backgound colours... Only when they are applied on top of the avatar they lose transparency.

  • ...tested that the overlay image is actually transparent when copied elsewhere. So I guess the transparency doesn't get displayed then :(


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2019-2-25
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