[Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X: Elggx Badges] v1.8.0

Release Notes

Initial Release!!! Use with care!


  • badge overlay over profile icon.
  • depending on YOUR feedback maybe more...
  • Exelent! I will use. Next, could youy do gifts for 1.8?

  • @Seepysnail6 Your desires are orders for me ;)


    It's very curious, I was working in it for days, and when I release it I found your comment here, in the previous plugin.

    The badges plugin seems great!

  • Nudeler2

    @ ionly

    Good addon.

    It seems that it's not working yet. It shows no image.



    Thanks. Waiting for your release for 1.8 is over finally :)

  • Love it, wouldn't mind seeing a feature where multible badges can be shown at once.

    and where some badges are seperated from the points and are only rewarded by eg.( Posting, bookmarking, and joining certian groups(expesually this one)). :D

    thanks this would help me lots. 

  • @Speedysnails:

    Actually, I've started working on upgrading the gifts plugin I did for Elgg 1.7 to work in Elgg 1.8. When I got stuck I started to do the Badges plugin... I will try to finish the gifts plugin asap. Unfortunately, the single remaining bug is very confusing.


    NIce to see your gifts plugin. You beat me! Is your plugin compatible with the original version, i.e. is it possible to upgrade from a previous version? I'm almost finished with my version. Only the sending of gifts is still a mess (assigning of gifts to sender/receiver completely fails) which confuses me as this part should not need to be significantly modified for Elgg 1.8 since my Elgg 1.7 version at all!


    Have you installed the userpoints plugin and assigned a specific number of points to a badge? Or have you tried to assign a badge manually to a member? In which case (or both?) does the image not show up (on the profile page)?


    Good suggestions. Though I might not be able to working on them soon I'll keep them in mind. On a short timescale I need to first make sure that my already released Elgg 1.8 plugins (userpoints and this one) work bug-free and then I also have quite a number of other plugins I need to upgrade to Elgg 1.8 - basically all 3rd party plugins I use on my site that have not been upgraded by the original developers yet as I would like to upgrade my site from Elgg 1.7 at some point.

  • Can't wait to try this. I am a heavy user of the "Userpoints" module and this is just what I have been looking for...

    Will test fully tonight and suggest any new features if that's ok.


  • Nudeler2


    I tried both. In both cases does the image not show up.

  • @Nudeler2: uploading of images worked? Do you see the text "Badge: " below the profile picture or are both the text and the image missing? Do you use a theme on your site? In case you do, there could be a conflict. Have you tried to put the Badges plugin below the theme plugin or to disable the theme temporarily to see if the Badge image gets displayed then?

  • Works for me, however Once a new badge is awarded it overides the previous award and thus I can only see the last badge awarded. Would be great to have some overlay over your user Avatar of the badge, or another way to see who has most badges and what they are etc. Really love this plugin though, great job...

  • How would I remove the 'Badge:' on peoples profile? (I just want it to show the badge)

  • @Nick:

    Removal of "Badge:":

    In /views/default/badges/icon.php change line 21 from

    <span><?php echo elgg_echo('badges:badge:upper'); ?>:



  • This is great, simple, works well right away - thank you!

    One, possibly dumb question, is there a way to get this onto the front / homepage upon login?

    I am not seeing that option, only on the profile page...



  • any way to get them to display on the dashboard just like they do on peoples profile? im using the facebook theme and on a persons profile it shows the badgers user every small user icon in the river, but on the dashboard page with the site river or activity steam it does not and id love it to, any ideas?

  • @iionly: I can't seem to get assigned badges to "lock". Each time a user receives points for any action, the badge disappears. I am using 1.8.2 both user badges and elgg points. regards....

  • @Starphysique: Thanks for telling. It's a bug. I will release a fixed version soon.

    If you want to fix it before the new release is up, you need to make the following change in the file /views/default/badges/assign.php. Replace the lines

    <input type="checkbox" name="locked" value="true">
    <?php echo elgg_echo('badges:lock'); ?>
    </label> <br />


    <?php echo elgg_view('input/checkboxes', array('name' => 'locked',
                                                           'id' => 'locked',
                                                            'options' => array(elgg_echo('badges:lock') => 0)

  • Nudeler2


    Yes, uploading worked.

    Yes I saw the text "Bagde", but after testing the images and then deleting the images, the text "Badge" was gone, too.. :).

    No, I don't use a theme.

    I used .gif-file.

  • @Nudeler2: sorry for being slow on the uptake... you said you tested the images. Does this mean that you uploaded pictures? Did these pictures showed up in the admin section - before you deleted them - or were they also missing there? The reason why the "Badges" text disappeard after you deleted the images / the corresponding badge is because there's a check if the image file exists. If the file doesn't exist, the badge (and the text) is not displayed. Have you tried if jpg images work? Though I just tried it with a gif image and it worked also with the gif.

    Maybe the fix I posted above solves the issue. Maybe the badge was assigned but always disappeared before you checked your profile due to the bug. Could you include the fix? I wan't to wait with uploading a new version until I also solved the profile picture overlay issue.

  • any idea on how to get the badges to display on the dashboard like they do on the profile?

  • @Jpardee: the dashboard has no account info box like the profile page. Therefore, you can't add the badge display to an existing view like on the profile page. I don't know how the Facebook theme modifies the profile and dashboard pages, so I can only decribe a possible way. You could create a widget within the badge plugin that shows a view similar to views/default/badges/icon.php. You would need to adjust the view slightly for the dashboard to work (which user's dashboard) but that should work.

    & Solcjoye: the same way as I described for the dashboard display should also work for the index page / front page. You would need to create a view that could either show the badge of the current logged in user or also for example the last 5 badges awared to users. This view can then get displayed via the custom_index plugin.

  • great plugin. (suggestions: maybe the ability to resize badges, and delete badges)

  • @jskye: deleting badges is already implemented (check the plugin settings in the admin section). Resizing of images is somthing to think about. I'm afraid it might require some serious re-write of the plugin though (normal badges as opposed to badges used for avatar image overlay which might means heading to multi-badge support). As much as I would like to spend time on enhanceing the badges plugin I'm kind of lacking the time right now to do it (only coding in my spare time). But I will keep your suggestions in mind and when I have the time I will try it.

  • Excellent plugin! Really easy to set up and looks great.

    It would be great to be able to un-assign badges. If someone was naughty I could take away their badge. 

  • @JohnnyD: thanks. I'll try to keep the suggestion of un-assigning badges in mind when I have time to work on the Badges plugin again.

  • That is excellent. I will have a go at doing it myself but I am new to elgg and php so it might be a bit too much for me yet! Thanks.


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