ChatWidget 1.8 v0.1

  • Congrats on your first plugin Flexx. Here is a line of code for you to use for your To Do

    // Username link


    echo "<a href='{$user->getURL()}' target='_blank'>{$user->name}</a>";


    I'm not sure how profile icon views are saved in 1.8.x so I can't help you with that one for now. Some thoughts to expand (and help you develop your skills as a programmer)...

    • colour-coding names (if user is admin or not)
    • Showing friendly-time for each post(so ppl know when the last post was made)
    This is a great feature...*Recommended
  • If you want to use profile icons, get the user object and call

    elgg_view_entity_icon($user, '<size>');

    where <size> is 'tiny', 'small', 'medium', 'large'

  • Respect mister Flexx.. if i did not know better i'd not believe that this is your first plugin.. Great idea + awesome job = recommend.

  • lolz ;-oO He's Flexxing his 'code muscles' ... hehh..;o;o;o;o;;;

  • simple + smart !
    thank you flex-man ;-)

  •  Im really encouraged by your words! @Trajan, i had found another way of doing the "link username method" while i was looking at one of the elgg plugins btw thanks for your suggstions, Im Im getting somewhere lol and it feels good!!!@

    @matt ill try that

    @13 :) you help encourage me alot man and i thank you for that!

  • lol @Dh

    @manfred glad you like it! :)

  • @Flexx: my "recommend" was to encourage you. this plugin still needs a lot of work. but you know my opinion - keep it up. cant wait for your second one.. then the third.. and so on.. till even you'll call yourself a developer (a php developer.. nonetheless - a developer ^^).

  • @13 :D thank you!!!!!! I know it does need ALOT of improvment! I have the ideas in my head but i cant make them work, makes my head hurt but im still trying and reading and testing and reading, testing...... God's will ill be "developer" as you say.  :)

  • not working 4 me...........plz help


  • @amit - please take note that nobody can really help you when you leave cryptic messages such as "not working 4 me plz help".  Try providing some detail as to what is not working for you, is it partially working? are you receiving any errors? are you getting a white screen? what version of elgg are you using? what steps have you taken to diagnose the problem?

    "not working" is so incredibly vague as to be utterly useless, so "plz help" likely to be ignored as noone can possibly help you.


Im the man in the water.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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