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Enables data privacy protecting share buttons on your Elgg site.

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!!! This plugin requires the phloorFramework - please make sure you got the LATEST release !!!

This plugin enables the jquery.socialshareprivacy plugin on your Elgg site.

You can see a demo at:

More and more web sites use the social buttons from Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. However, these buttons are already loaded when accessing a page and immediately transfer data to the operator of the network platforms - without the user being able to do something about it. 

Facebook & Co can create complete data profiles of their users. Since this data is not compatible with the users notions of privacy - Heise online has designed a two-stage solution, which, by default, does not transmit data to third parties. One click on one of the buttons means that the user consents to transmit data to the operator of the social network.

Take a look at the projects (German) site:

In order for this plugin to work javascript has to be enabled.


  • English (default)
  • German
  • Portuguese (thanks @Renato Cerceau)

The language file is compact and very small.. if you are capable of speaking a language, that this plugin does not support yet (or if you want to correct a mistake/oddness.. for example in the english translation..), please consider taking the short time to translate it.. highly appreciated

-> please send to shareplugintranslations [monkey tail] 13net . at (or anyothertranslation [monkey tail] 13net . at)

Due to some interoperability problems with languages codes the buttons will be loaded with the locale code 'en' by default. Just the texts shipped with the plugin are translated - you can easily change this behaviour by adapting the file 'views/default/phloor_socialshareprivacy/js/foot_extend.php' to your needs. (for example: change 'en' to 'de')

Please report any errors. Suggestions are very welcome. If you like the plugin please consider a recommendation. Thank you!

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Marvellous! Good work. *highly recommended* (good_vibrations)


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