Group alias v1.8

  • This is the plugin I needed to

    Tested and recommended !!!!!

  • @Farejedor -- did you click on 'Recommend' ? ;-)

    @Sem -- nycccce - I like stuff like this PlugIn, much wanted by many elggsters from 2.5 years back ;-oO, very useful, interesting and on target for utilitarian/desired features for Elgg; gives Elgg more power that people *expect just *because other CMS`s have such. Without looking at code (for now.. I *will study yr code later..;) I am sure that this can be extended easily to handle other entities - blogs, pages & etc - then the soup gets more of 'chunkiness' ;-P Keet coding....;oO;X;P

    @All Others -- seven Downloads and only one recommend ?!!!! Don't you guys know anything at all about how to encourage Developers who spend their (value) time to design, code, test and deliver such nice stuff for your enjoyment and websites' usage ? Yeah.. yeah.. I know -- it takes a lot of energy, lots of time, lots of rocket science degrees to say just 'thank you"' by clicking on the 'Recommend' button LOLZ;)}

  • Useful! How it behaves with umlauts? Or is this in this case only an mod_rewrite thing? thx

  • umlaus ? and similar characters...!? there's bee one or more posts on that subject elsewhere - better find and read those ;-) there's much info in those there...

  • I am not sure how this plugin works. I have enabled it in 1.8.1 and can find no functions or settings that put it into action. Please advise, what does it do and how does it do it. Thanks.

  • @hleroy I extended the plugin description. The group alias can be set when you edit the group.

  • I donot see a group alias field when I create or edit a group. Could it be that another plugin is interfering with this function.

  • This plugin interferes with Jeroen Dalsem's Profile Manager, rendering it impossible to create a new group. (An error message appears saying that a username must contain at least 4 characters... I suspect it expects a group alias to be filled, which does not appear on the group creation form when Profile Manager is active.)

    (Environment: elgg 1.8.3, Profile Manager 7.2)

    May you look into this issue? Thanks.

  • I would love to use this plugin but it would need to be compatible with Profile Manager.

  • Sem, I was too busy and forgot to submit a patch 2 months ago. Ahem. Check the gitorious :)

  • initially in my 1.8.8 install, this was correctly changing the url to the /g/ format..
    yet there was no group alias field appearing.

    now, after changing databases to my production dbase.. the /g/ format is not there and the editable alias field is..!?

    i moved the plugin list around a bit, yet no changes have occurred.. any idea why?

  • i see this depends on which links are clicked, not all of the links are changed in my site. widgets that list groups do not update to the new url format.
    somehow this plugin needs to adapt to the recognition that not all plugins code group urls in the same formats.

  • ?? ;-P
    PlugIn does not 'depend on which links are clicked';
    nor does it  'change links...' per se ;-)
    It does what it says it does....
    It hooks page-handler to redirect e.g.
     * URLs take the form of
     *  All groups:       g/
     *  Group profile:   g/<alias>
     *  Group Tools:    g/<alias>/<handler> => <handler>/group/<guid>

    So... I do not see any code in there that 'needs to adapt' to other PlugIn's code ;(
    PlugIn complies with the normal Elgg page handler styled URLs..
    unless Elgg's later versions have changed API interfacing..
    Other PlugIns might cause problems if they have
    not coded up Group URLs properly.
    But.. I would not blame this PlugIn ;)
    Other PlugIns probably should
    '.... update to the new url format.' ;-P

  • to be clearer, what was in my mind that i did not say, is that 'to create a change to elgg that ensures that all links to groups point to the same style of url format' (if you desire that), some other change is needed than what is presently in this plugin.

    as of 1.8.8, the standard elgg core profile widgets for groups, for example, remain pointing to the original format for the group and are not changed. i appreciate the plugin description does not say that these links are changed; the issue was not apparent to me until i installed the plugin to explore what changes it supports.

  • Anyone got this to work on a newer elgg version (1.8.18) together with group-tools? I have tried the latest version from the code repository.

    The plugin settings are somewhat broken, and I can't find the option to change the group alias anywhere in the group settings.


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