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Replacement for the default captcha plugin using CAPTCHA

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Tested on 1.7 + , 1.8 +

A simple replacement for the default captcha plugin for Elgg. This uses the CAPTCHA system ( instead, but otherwise it works exactly the same as the default captcha system with regard to Elgg. You will have to disable any current captcha plugin you already may have installed.

You will need to register for a CAPTCHA private and public key which are required for this plugin to work properly. It's free. The plugin requires the CAPTCHA library file, but that is already included.

Once you have installed and enabled the plugin on your system you will need to go to the Admin setting for this plugin, enter your public and private keys and hit save.

It should now replace the captcha on your registration form and your reset password form.

If you get an error message where the CAPTCHA should appear, you likely have a problem with your public or private key entry.


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This plugin and a plugin update reCaptcha Magalhães Junior, our credits to him.

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