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  • i tried this  plugin but  i  can't  understand  what  is  this  abt?

    will  this plugin let us  keep music  widget.............or  anything  else...............can  anyone  elaborate  it  more.......and can they post snapshots.........

  • rohit oberoi,

    After you install the plugin you should be able to add the widget to your Profile page with the Add Widgets button.

    The widget is a list of concerts recently posted to the Live Music Archive. Many bands and fans post concerts there. From the widget you can link to the concert page where you can listen with an audio player, download songs or the entire concert in several formats, and comment if you wish.


    Hairy Larry

  • Hi,

    I posted a pic. This is a Beta release of my first plugin. When I was moving the widget I had some problems. It may have been only here but I'm not sure. If anyone has problems with moving this widget or any other questions please post here in the comments.


    Hairy Larry

  • Nudeler2


    follwing the -relevant - emded extender-addon I read obout your plugin.

    Nice widget, it works in elgg 1.8.2

    The problem is as you described: the widget placing to another position, then the page does load and load and load ... :)

    Using the back-button of the browser the page appears and the widget is placed at the wanted position.

    It's working so far.

  • nice work......

    sir hairy larry............. highly  recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Nudeler,

    When I moved the widget sometimes I would get a screen with only the widget and sometimes a blank screen. When I reloaded the page everything was ok.

    I have no idea what could be causing this.

    I thought it might be my net connection which has been a little bit overloaded with all the kids on break.

    But I guess there is something going on that's wrong. I would love to be able to fix it.

    rohit, Thanks for your vote of approval.

    Hairy Larry




  • Nudeler2

    No blank screen with only the widget, I get.

    I'm not a coder, but I looked into the files: not too much code.

    I disable and delete this.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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