Bands for 1.8 v1.8-11.12.16

Release Notes

/** * @version 1.8-11.12.16 */- fixed band membership widget

  • Hey, just a note, found the reason why the bands arnt showing to other members, Its not compatible with the "Group Publish" plugin. Hope it will be in the next version. :)

  • i have to clarify something: this is just the adapted groups plugin. all credits go to the core developers as i have not coded very much for it now. future functionality will show if i have done an "awesome job". thanks.

  • all the best buddy..
    Will see u soon with a new plugin..

  • Love the plugin, just what I need. The only suggestion I have would be to change "Invite Friends" to "Invite Band Members"

  • @MixExtra tht wouldnt be needed, because it wouldnt be band members alone in the the "band" from what i see, the admin of the group will choose who are band members from regular users.

    In form of suggestion, maybe users who are band members should be listed as "Band Members" in a different tab and Regular users be listed as "Fans". Also it would be kool too if other fans could invite other users to be fans too! :)

  • @Mixextra: you can adapt the language file to your needs (languages/en.php).

    @Flexx: at the moment a band 'is' just like a group.. everybody who is in the band can invite friends (using the 'friendpicker' view).. but you need an invitation to join -> so everybody in the group is seen as "band member" - currently there is no support for "fans" (altough a band can be liked with the "likes" plugin).. but that is the next thing on the list.. same priority as "uploading & playing songs".

  • Interesting one :) keep em coming bro. but eat healthy and get sleep! lol

  • On, Elgg 1.8.12
    Got an fatal error when create a band:

    Attribute loaders failed to return proper attributes

    LogicException Object
    [message:protected] => Attribute loaders failed to return proper attributes
    [string:Exception:private] => exception 'LogicException' with message 'Attribute loaders failed to return proper attributes' in /home/blabla/public_html/engine/classes/ElggAttributeLoader.php:191
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/blabla/public_html/engine/classes/ElggGroup.php(331): ElggAttributeLoader->getRequiredAttributes(Object(stdClass))
    #1 /home/blabla/public_html/engine/classes/ElggGroup.php(47): ElggGroup->load(Object(stdClass))
    #2 /home/blabla/public_html/engine/lib/entities.php(685): ElggGroup->__construct(Object(stdClass))
    and much more.. 


  • On ELGG 1.8.13 got a Fatal error similar to the comment above me, when enabling the plugin. I just want to let you know, I really hope to see this plugin updated, to work with the latest version of ELGG! and hope to see the todo features added, especially the becomming a fan of bands, and assigning roles in bands. Thanks really great work!


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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