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Release Notes

everything of this plugin works, it has a few spots it shows a visible error, but despite that it still displays everything as if it should



To Do: finish removing the visible errors (check in a couple days for update, for now use this for testing unless u dont mind the small errors)

  • @Jpardee

    in /mod/recommendations/models/model.php



    Replace with


    in /mod/recommendations/veiws/default/widgets/recommendations_received/view.php



    Replace with


  • This looks like a real awesome plugin but after activating it and got the error that imoni corrected, i made the changes he (imoni) suggested but the dashboard goes bunkers.

    However the dashboard works ok with the deprecated function except for the warning. Correct me if im wrong but, Im thinking that something else in the plugin is not working with the updated function?

  • there is also a list_entities error somewhere that needs to be replaced with elgg_list_entities but im still hunting it down, ill uploaded new versions as everything gets fixed, but i really want to spend some time on fixing the flirts plugin for 1.8 so we can all poke on the facebook theme! but i need help! i got it most of the way but now im stumped on getting the global admin settings to work the plugin is at this address: imoni think u can help me out on this one?

  • @Jpardee ill be taking a look at this and se if i can find em k? cheers...

  • ok will see flirt plugin soon but first thinking to correct this one

  • i found list_entities in mod/recommendations/view.php but when i change it to elgg_list_entities the page goes blank white and just loads in to secs says done and still white blank page? pretty 100% sure this is the page and the line throwing this list_entities visible error to so im confused, the command elgg_list_entities should work? why isnt it?

  • Nudeler

    Both really nice plugins. You guys are cooooool...I wish, I were a coder...

  • lol thanks nudeler, why try, elgg is just to awesome for developers like us to not give back on the project ya know, where would elgg be today if the community wasnt able to share!

  • Hey jpardee, i had the same problem too and couldnt figure out what the problem was. However if you change the first list_entries in the mod/recommendations/view.php and leave dont change the second one then it works.

  • i know right same here, crazy....iv never had an issue running a elgg_list_entities in any plugin for 1.8......maybe cash knows! ill have to ask him, he's a pimp! well, we will get it there but at least it works, the only thing i still havnt really figured out is how to set it up on the facebook theme start.php, i cant seem to direct the profile link (on a persons profile, link points at this persons recommendations) insted it seems to read the line of code as the person loged in viewing it and not the profile u are viewings owner, so u click to try and view a persons recommendations and it takes u to your own recommendations......not sure how to write it i guess, i must just be focusing to hard and not seeing somthing really simple.......but isnt that always the case, anyways the code im useing is this if anyone can figure it out:

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('recommendations')) {
       elgg_register_menu_item('page', array(
        'section' => 'more', 
        'name' => 'recommendations',
        'text' => 'Recommendations',
        'href' => "/recommendations/owned/$user->username",
        'contexts' => array('profile'),

    the line in bold is where im pointing the link

  • Is this plugin suppose to work with elgg current version?

    I have plenty of problem with it... I can't even create a recommendation


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