River addon v2014.05.02

Release Notes

This release is for Elgg 1.9. If you’re using a previous version:


1. Deactivate river_addon

2. Remove all files and folders

3. Upload this release

4. Activate river_addon


Real-time updates to the river has been removed. It made river_addon incompatible with some plugins. However, several other plugins in the repository offer this functionality, if it's important to you.

  • However, several other plugins in the repository offer this functionality

    I was referring to River Auto Update, Custom Activity and hypeAlive. I took it for granted that these plugins would also be updated to 1.9, but it does not seem to have happened.

  • No that has not happened. And with Elgg 1.9.5 they seem to have more problems/conflicts/non-usability etc
    This plugin seems to be the most recommended (along with Hypewall) for the River page.
    So please kindly bring back the auto-update/auto-refresh/ajax refresh that will work with Elgg 1.9.5

    Those who adopted this plugin mainly because of the auto feature will now feel lost when they have to upgrade to 1.9.5 :(

  • Last updated 202 days ago: So this is compatible with elg 1.9.4?? I would like to try this as a replacement for 3c river activity...

  • @Vextah You just have to look at the title.

    Plugin authors tick a checkbox for Elgg compatibility when submitting a plugin, which adds the last part of the title. In this case "for Elgg 1.9".

  • Yes i understand that, but it was last updated nearly a year ago, and i was wondering about which 1.9.xx revision it was coded for... But thanks, i'll give it a whirl

  • The version was developed by continually reviewing decisions and changes via GitHub. I uploaded the plugin when I had the feeling that Elgg 1.9 was close to being announced. But I was caught by a big delay in the release.

  • Ok thanks for the reply, i'll  give it a try and report back.....

  • Seems to work a treat, Dont forget to flush and upgrade after activating. If i run into any issue's i'll report back :) Oh yeah, where can i change the 'Custom Content' info?

  • @Vextah

    You can change the text in the language file in river_addon/languages/.

  • Thank you Per Jensen, Plugin is working great, initial problems of 'Left Column' not showing anything, forgot to flush/upgrade lol Did that and it sorted it straight out. Great work, i may contact you at some point for help in adding other widgets etc.. to the river / main page. Keep it up mate :)

  • @ Per Jensen: How can I disable Real-time (ajaxed) updates to the river?

  • @VGNtl

    Real-time updates has been removed from this version.

  • @Per Jensen: Sorry, I posed the question in a hurry I guess. Actually I wanted to ask:

    When 'the wire' is enabled on the activity page and something is posted then it still uses ajax.

    I want to remove the ajax posting from the wire on the activity page because sometimes user do not 
    realize that their post has been posted(due to slow connection or something) and they hit the "Post" button twice or thrice.

    So the solution would be either to disable the "Post" button once it is clicked or to disable the ajax posting so the user would know the button is clicked and page is loading.

  • @VGNtl

    In start.php find and comment out this line:

    //elgg_extend_view('js/elgg', 'js/river_addon/update');

    But I don't think that will fix the thing, nervous click finger will result in double post, it's a core bug.

  • Per Jensen: Thanks. :-)

    "But I don't think that will fix the thing, nervous click finger will result in double post, it's a core bug."

    You are right, this has been an issue with Elgg. There was an active discussion going on this here at the community. I hope it is fixed in next update. For the mean while this 'un-ajaxing' will prevent at least some double content on my website.
    Thanks again.


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