River addon v2014.05.02

Release Notes

This release is for Elgg 1.9. If you’re using a previous version:


1. Deactivate river_addon

2. Remove all files and folders

3. Upload this release

4. Activate river_addon


Real-time updates to the river has been removed. It made river_addon incompatible with some plugins. However, several other plugins in the repository offer this functionality, if it's important to you.

  • @gillie I have river addon with euphoria theme, left sidebar is not centered, i tried into place without success. How do CSS edit?


  • @Joaquín Marín

    River Addon does not change the layout CSS. Can the theme be causing the error?

    Try disabling your theme and see if the error is still there.

  • Hey, hoping you could help me with a simple problem. I am new to ELGG and developing all together really. The last few plugins I have uploaded all say they are missing the start.php file... but when I look they have all had it. Even this plugin.... Can you tell me what i am doing wrong?

    Thanks :D

  • Do I put this in a different directory then Mods?


  • Welcome to Elgg, Mike44.

    You are uploading the wrong folder. When you've unzipped the package, find folder river_addon. That's the folder with start.php inside, and the one you should upload to mod directory.

  • Works great, many thanks! I found one minor oddity. If I've got Comments sidebar enabled and I try to edit or add a comment on the river, the comment field (CKeditor) will appear on the sidebar. Using Elggzone Darkgray.

    How can I make the wire box on activity page less high? Currently it is eight lines high, a huge box. Two lines would be enough.
  • @Darth Vader

    You are right about the comment field.  I don't have a quick fix though. If someone else knows why the edit comment field appear in the sidebar, please share.

    The wire is 40px, set in elggzone_darkgrey. Sure you don't have another plugin changing the height? Anyway, you can edit the height in,


  • Just wondering if its possible to make announcements visible to everyone? even visitors that are not logged in.

  • @Justin

    Announcement module is added by elgg_extend_view in .../lib/setup.php, which is only loaded when logged in.

    So move the announcement code to function river_addon_pagesetup() in start.php and place it outside of the if statement:

    if ($plugin->show_announcement == 'yes' && ($ctx == $plugin->announcement_context || $plugin->announcement_context == 'site')){
        elgg_extend_view('page/layouts/elements/header', 'page/elements/announcements', 0);

  • Thankyou for the reply. Had a play around this morning as follows...I added river_addon_pagesetup to handlers (tried both,separate,joined,individual) with the function moved to the bottom of river_addon/start.php as shown. Unfortunately to no avail. Either site breaks or remains for logged in users. Was wondering if there is something I'm meant to do with /lib/river_addon.php (as could not find a lib/setup.php)

    elgg_register_event_handler('init', 'system', 'river_addon_init', 'river_addon_pagesetup');
    elgg_register_page_handler('wire', 'river_addon_river_page_handler', 'river_addon_pagesetup');
    function river_addon_pagesetup() {
             if ($plugin->show_announcement == 'yes' && ($ctx == $plugin->announcement_context || $plugin->announcement_context == 'site')){
             elgg_extend_view('page/layouts/content/header', 'page/elements/announcements', 0);


  • @Justin

    The page setup event handler is already registered in start.php, no need to worry about that. The name of the function to be run is river_addon_pagesetup. Efter your edits it should look like this:

    function river_addon_pagesetup() {
        if (elgg_is_logged_in()){
        $plugin = elgg_get_plugin_from_id('river_addon');        
        $ctx = elgg_get_context();
        if ($plugin->show_announcement == 'yes' && ($ctx == $plugin->announcement_context || $plugin->announcement_context == 'site')){
            elgg_extend_view('page/layouts/elements/header', 'page/elements/announcements', 0);

    In river_addon/lib/setup.php delete this part:

    if ($plugin->show_announcement == 'yes' && ($ctx == $plugin->announcement_context || $plugin->announcement_context == 'site')){
        elgg_extend_view('page/layouts/elements/header', 'page/elements/announcements', 0);

  • I see where I went wrong... Im using elgg1.8. (1)Anyway of making 1.9plugin work with 1.8? OR(2) Make public in the 1.8 version??

  • Then look in the sidebar under "Previous releases:" and download a copy for 1.8.

    In 1.8 it looks a little different in start.php. You just have to move the show_announcement part I told you to delete outside,

    if (elgg_is_logged_in()){}

  • Thankyou Per.  that did the trick. funny how somethings sit right under our nose. just had to watch out for little things like brackets { }} :-)

  • You're welcome. Check out the answer to your request for mobilize plugin.

  • just tested this in 1.9.4..
    when i activate this plugin i am unable to open the sliding menus in the elgg admin area. the browser console in firefox reveals:

    TypeError: $(...).multiselect is not a function

    which is referencing the settings js file (as far as i am aware)

  • @ura soul

    I'm not getting this error. Did you check on a fresh installation with only bundled plugins? Maybe river_addon is not playing well with another plugin you are using.

  • just tested here with a clean install and only blog, groups, notifications, profile and 'thewire' activated and still see the same behavior.

  • Hard to bebug when I can't reproduce the error. Sent a PM, please check it out.

  • looks like this was caused by my own plugins somehow.. though i'm not 100% clear on why, since i'm pretty sure that none of mine were activated when i tested before writing the previous comment in this thread.

    anyway, i can now run river_addon without this issue occurring, thanks for assisting.

  • @ura soul

    Great you fixed it somehow :)

  • "Real-time updates to the river has been removed. It made river_addon incompatible with some plugins."
    If someone is not using those plugins? May the real-time update be kindly kept in the 1.9 version an option, so that if there is conflict it can be turned off.

    In 1.8 the real time update made this plugin so charming!

  • i  would also prefer that type of behavior in river_addon. i haven't yet found a replacement for 1.9. does the 'custom activity' plugin exist for 1.9?

  • "several other plugins in the repository offer this functionality" - None found so far that works with Elgg 1.9.x
    So request for an updated version
    1) that brings back live refresh as an option
    2) Display the wire form with latest wire posts by the users as a widget on the profile page

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