River addon v2013.09.04

Release Notes

- Added: class to sidebar modules

- Fixed: missing offset

  • could we write in the option to display recent blogs in the sidebar?

  • @Nama

    Maybe in a future version, but I'm not sure.

  • Thanks to your help in my discussion post I was able to figure out the code I needed. I felt a bit brave and tried to add it driectly into the River Addon plugin and... was successful, full admin settings are running and tested :D  How can I contribute the updated files to the community? 

  • @Nama

    Well done :) just post the code or add a pull request to github (Code repository).

  • I am back to Elgg after so long time. I love this plugin is my fav. I am going to install it again on my site.

    But I have a request, please can you add one more feature in this lovely plugin?

    I have auto load posts plugin works great, when I scroll down the page posts load automatically. But with this plugin that does not work. Is it possible you add that auto load posts feature in this plugin or make it compatible with that plugin?

    2nd thing is there is no way to post comments in activity. Its so confusing activity & wire system in elgg. Can you add posting comments system in the same Activity page? Because users like to post comment direct rather than going to wire system :(

    3rd thing is, that would be great if you can add a new feature when users post a link that should fetch the link images or website data same other social networking sites.


    I would appreciate if you can help and assist with these things. I speciall want auto load posts system and comments in activity please.


  • hey mate is there a way to add a link to the Activity/Dashboard for this plugin as there is no link in the side bar to take users back to that page?

  • @FusionOz I don't understand. This plugin does not change links/navigation.

  • @Per Jensen is there a way to add a link to the owner menu that says Dashboard as I have been trying to edit this for over 6 hours now and can not seam to add that link in.

  • @FusionOz

    Since it has nothing to do with river_addon, could you please post the question in an appropriate group to keep things separate. e.g.


  • @Per Jensen

    Thanks for that I got that part to work now the thing I am stuck with: Is there a way for the reply link that can be seen in the actual The Wire plugin able to be placed with The Wire posts on the dashboard.

    I have a feeling this would be something easy and I have just missed it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @FusionOz

    Don't know how easy it would be to add the reply option. This is someting I would have to dig into myself too, but the feature will not be added to river addon.

    Wire post from activity page relies on the wire plugin and whatever it pushes to the activity stream, currently not interaction support.

  • If you want to make some items available to logged out visitors do the following... example with announcements.

    Inside river_addon/start.php    find if (elgg_is_logged_in()){}  and move the item outside. eg.

    if ($plugin->show_announcement == 'yes' && ($ctx == $plugin->announcement_context || $plugin->announcement_context == 'site')){elgg_extend_view('page/layouts/content/header', 'page/elements/announcements', 0);

    placing it at the bottom worked for me.

  • Hi! I have a little JavaScript on thewire river views and River Addon is just ignoring the script on the new wire posts posted with Ajax. Seems a filter but I can't find it. It's any way to see the script on the new wire posts?


  • The js for wire post is in .../js/river_addon/update.php

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