River addon v2013.03.17

Release Notes

- Updated to Elgg 1.8.14

- Fixed: Bug in owner menu

  • thanks for the update;
    i remain unable to get this to function alongside pagehandler_hijack - i even went into the start.php and river.php files to replace appropriate 'activity' text with the name i am wanting to use.. but nothing worked so far.

    the river / activity page does load but the sidebar elements are missing.. any idea why that may be?

  • yes, i recall you said that you didn't have the same problem. just letting you know that i still am.

  • I would love an extra tab 'my groups' to be added to the 'All', 'friends', 'mine' tabs. Showing only the content of the groups you are a member off.

    The code is here I think:


  • @BrianF  It is not likely that it will be added to this plugin. You should keep this in the thread you point at. Matt has almost done it for you, as he says next step is to wrap the content in a page.

    You could add a new page, my groups river, instead of a tab. Bookmarks plugin for example shows how to do that.

  • No problem gillie, thanks.

  • i just noticed i am seeing that the comments that are appearing in the comments widget are unclickable and the text 'generic_comment:' appears at the beginning of each comment.

  • @ura soul  It's working on my test site. Make sure you use a fresh copy of river_addon and deactivate other plugins one by one to find the cause.

  • ok thanks.. most likely its not a river_addon issue as i am seeing the same issue on other pages and not on my test site yet both sites have the current version of river_addon

  • i'm partway through adapting mark's easy-tabs plugin for all the areas of elgg that use tabs - for ajaxy transitions. :)
    i've done all the primary pages except for groups and the river_addon page.
    i'm wondering if i can inspire you to integrate easy tabs support into river_addon?


    i may eventually get to doing it myself, though i imagine this would be more pleasant if you did it to your own plugin as there are so many files and you already know the code.

  • @gillie do you plan to make any docs for us to be able to understand how to integrate widgets into river_addon? I know some of us want to use your plugin but are a little lost with your code, as is not as esay as extending or echo'ing a view in sidebar.php, and will be great to be able to integrate other widgets in your actual code.

    Grat plugin and, of course, recommended.

  • No, haven't any plans.

    But this plugin does not make it more difficult to add modules to the sidebars. Create a new module in page/elements/ and add it from start.php,

    elgg_extend_view('page/elements/sidebar', 'page/elements/new_module');


  • how to make iframe working in announcements? 

    Please help me some one.

  • yes i would like iframe in announcements too.. it would be really cool to have a video there for site wide announcements! 

  • I've not tested it, just want to know if it'll work with cool theme... thanks.

  • Great upgrade, thank you very much Gillie!I just tested it, perfectly working. I only see a duplicated settings page in the admin area (under Configure>Settings> 2x River addon) is that ok?


  • @Michele

    No, that's not okay :) But I don't know what's wrong, my installation shows only one link,

    Configure > Settings > River Addon

    Elgg 1.8.16, River Addon 2013.03.17

  • It's strange because this seems to be the only issue, everything works perfectly.

    The 2 links are referring 1 to the 'old' river addon settings page and the other to the new settings page so I guess deactivate->overwrite folder->activate is not enough...maybe upgrade or deleting the entire folder and reupload would help? I'm still on 1.8.11 by the way...another possible cause, right? (sorry for not mentioning it before...forgot :S )

  • At least for my installation I confirm the following steps to a smooth installation and functioning:

    1. deactivate plugin
    2. remove the entire folder via ftp
    3. upload the new version
    4. activate
    5. enjoy

    This is a GREAT enhancement of the activity page and not only, wow this helps to do so many things (ordering modules, announcements, ....).

    I recommend...to donate!

  • @Michele

    Thanks, for posting the fix. I posted that info like that in the release notes of the previous release.

  • Hi Gillie, sorry if duplicating stuff then. But, I think this is a major difficulty here in the comunity. Even if using a plugin, I think no user can remember or goes through all releases' notes and info. I think that on the right column there should be more chances for developers to highlight 'static' content like:

    - installation notes

    - upgrade notes

    - known conflicts

    - ...

    What do you think? Anyways, not the right place to discuss this so...please take my message as pardon one :)


  • how is this plugin performing on 1.8+ sites?
    i am running 1.8.16 and finding that the activity page loads very slowly (7+ seconds of pre-processing before the page load starts).
    and the site is not busy at all.
    most other pages load quite rapidly.
    i looked through the code briefly for river addon looking for potential to optimise the code and can see that there are, for example, some javascript files that are duplicated with only minor changes (not sure why yet).
    i realise that i have activated 5+ sidebar modules that all generate mysql queries.. so the activity page is the most query heavy page on my site (or at least the 2nd heaviest).

    any ideas for optimisation will be considered here!
    i am already running latest nginx, php, php-fpm and apc.


  • i am partway through a journey of optimisation!
    one change i have found for river_addon is to only initialise the plugin when the context is activity or admin.. this prevents js and other files being loaded on page loads where they are not used.

    if ((elgg_get_context()=='activity')||(elgg_get_context()=='admin')){  
    elgg_register_event_handler('init', 'system', 'river_addon_init');

  • @ura soul Thank you for all your work on this.

    River addon could surely be optimized, I hope I get the time to look at it soon. Your solution is great if you only use river addon modules on activity page. There's a setting though, that allows to show modules in all contexts, blog, files etc.


  • ah yes, i realised that my idea is not appropriate for everyone as i signed-out here last night. i am only using the river addon on the activity page, yes. perhaps the context check can be dynamic, getting the allowable contexts from the river_addon plugin settings ?


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