River addon v2013.02.07

Release Notes


1. Deactivate previous version if any

2. Delete entire folder

3. Upload this version of river_addon and activate


- Updated to Elgg 1.8.13

- Fixed: Minor css issue

- Added: Sidebar tab

- Deleted: river_addon/announcement.php, /settings.php


  • I like this plugin, but this will be the best plugin on elgg if u do one thing in it. Try to add reply system comment back system in the wire posting.

    Because at the moment on elgg even if we use 3C plugin or anything they do not have this feature and if someone shares something in the wire there is no way to reply or comment on that. To do that there are some other plugins but they are with framework which makes mess with the the whole site. So please PLEASE try to work on it add a comment back/ reply system in the wire and then I WOULD LOVE to use this River addon plugin.

    Keep the great work continue...

  • hello

    I am using following content plugin on site when I select 2 column view for activty page following content div is working fine but when I select 3 column view for activity page following content div disappear from activity page. on other pages it all right

    please help

  • @shehbaz now you've asked this everywhere.

    You should actually ask the plugin author to extend the plugin to cover both one and two columns layout. Or edit it yourself.

    Open the plugin and look in page/layouts/. You'll se it extends one_sidebar.php but not two_sidebar.php.

  • it's show me errro This plugin is invalid: The required file "start.php" is missing. whereas start.php already in folder

  • @mknexusonline.com You uploaded the wrong folder. Upload folder river_addon.

  • Just a small field report:
    1. Has a conflict with "comasis invite friends" plugin (connections displayed incorrectly under user icon and clicking the connections link doesn't take you to Friends, but to Activity). Re-arranging plugins does not resolve it. Additionally, moving the user icon to the left column makes the icon stick out..;)
    2. If announcement is set Site wide, it is still not displayed in Activity page.
    3. Not sure if it's supposed to be this way, but each group is still displayed in 2 column layout. 


  • Just a small correction/addition:

    For point 2: Activity initial load works in 2 column only and there is no site announcement. Re-load or access through top bar will display correctly.
    For point 3: Events are displayed in 2 column layout as well. 

  • @Herr Ober Thanks for reporting.

    1. Don't know the plugin, please post a link.

    2. My guess is that you use another plugin overriding activity page. Deactivate ALL third party plugins please and check it out.

    3. Groups listing should be three columns layout. Group profiles should not.

    3. Events?

    If you used a previous version of river addon make sure you deleted it completely before uploading this version.

  • No problem at all. Really like the plugin!

    1. link to Comasis Invite Friends is as follows: http://community.elgg.org/plugins/876495/1.8/comasis-invite-friends-18
    2. I used 3C River Activity prior to that, but before I installed this one I deactivated it and flushed site cashe.
    Will test other plugins to see. I had few guesses which turned out to be wrong.
    Events must be created by Event Manager: http://community.elgg.org/plugins/736695/2.3/event-manager
    However, as you mention that group profiles are not displayed in 3 column, it is very likely that Events page will not be either, so it's not a problem!

    Thank you very much for taking your time on this one! 

  • 1. Here it goes to page "Members joined at admin's invitation" as it should. Adjust the invite friends css if it breaks the layout.

    Is your installation in a subfolder? Then read the plugin comments.

    Events is like Groups.

  • Gillie, thank you very much for the advice!

  • Just in case - Yes, I modified comasis invite friends as it was advised in readme.
    It's really quite puzzling, since now I noticed that in all pages except Activity, user menu (below avatar) is "Group Blog", "Group Bookmarks", "Group Photos", "Groups".
    User block menu displays correctly in Activity - "Blogs, Bookmarks, Groups, Photos"... 

  • You're right, I never noticed. Find page/elements/ownermenu.php and change line 16 like this,

    'entity' => $user,

  • Worked a treat! The menus are sorted.
    Cheers, thanks for the help. Comasis invite friends is kind of half sorted now - intial load of page shows incorrect invites, but after accessing each page through user block menu it shows correct number.
    I assume it has something to do with their plugin - I am testing as admin right now, so the data retrieved might be taking into account manual user accounts set up by me. I pass it by them..;)

  • is it possible to make the announcements, sidebars, etc visible to public? I can only see them as a logged in user

  • @knussear You can move modules you want to display outside the condition, if (elgg_is_logged_in()){. Then remove the context condition as well.

    Same thing for announcements and you need to extend another view than the present.


  • This is a great plugin !

    I installed it on two different Elgg installations. But they each have different sizes icons in the latest members, and friends modules. One has 'tiny' icons, the other has 'small' icons. We must have changed something in one of those Elggs but I have spent more than an hour trying to figure out what and where. 

    Can someone tell me where I should go look for this? I have changed group icon sizes on both (!) elggs, but my problem is only on one of them. Any help would be deeply appreciated because the 'small' (bigger than 'tiny') icons makes the friends and latest members modules look very bad, it creates two lines of icons which are not fully taking up the width.

  • Override both elgg installations with a new copy of elgg, just to make sure you didn't edit core by mistake...

    Then disable plugins you've added, one by one in the copy with small icons.


  • Thanks for your reply gillie

    I'm hoping someone can help me identify where I can find the code to change the php from 'small' to 'tiny' in these modules.

  • @BrianF In latest_member.php and friends.php you can add 'size' => 'tiny', to the options array.

  • Hi gillie 

    Thanks so much for replying, this is really important to me.

    when I add 'size' => 'tiny' here:

    (line 17)

    $options = array(
    'type' => 'user',
    'full_view' => false,
    'pagination' => FALSE,
    'limit' => $num,
    'list_type' => 'gallery'
    'size' => 'tiny'

    it gives me a blank activity page with 3 black dots below each other, very strange.

    When I place the code here:

    (line 9)

    $title = elgg_view('output/url', array(
    'href' => "/members",
    'text' => elgg_echo('river_addon:latest:members'),
    'is_trusted' => true,
    'size' => 'tiny'

    It has no effect.

    Any thoughts?


  • elgg installation 1:


    Elgg installation 2:


  • @BrianF Add it to the options array. Looks like you missed a comma after this line

    'list_type' => 'gallery',

  • I'm sorry! I forgot to say that I tried it both with and without the comma. WITH the comma I get that blank page with 3 black dots below each other:


  • @BrianF

    Check again. Are you sure that this line 'list_type' => 'gallery' ends with a comma. It should look like,

    'list_type' => 'gallery',

    Your copy/paste does not have the comma....

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