River addon v2012.09.18

Release Notes

- Fixed: Google Chrome bug

- Fixed: Tagcloud condition

  • thanks for the update;

    i realised after i updated that i had changed the priorities of each of the side widgets so that they appear in the order that works for my site; that would be another helpful change to make to the admin page for this plugin.

  • Like it.

    I do miss some views (eg. latest blogs, latest discussions, latest comments, latest pictures). 

    I have som problems with the owners block, likely a confilkt with another plugin. I'm looking into that.

  • @ura soul, Yes, good idea for a future release.

    @Herauf, Let us know what you find out.

  • i'm seeing the owner block issue too..
    i don't think its a conflict as i've disabled a lot of plugins and it remains.

    essentially, the owner block on the group pages is obscured by the buttons underneath it (such as 'mail groups members')  -  these buttons grow very tall (as tall as the owner block) - and cover the owner block up so there is one big button and no owner block visible.

    i was surprised to find that it is the latest version of the river addon that is causing this, yet it is.

  • that's in chromium - very recent version 

  • i have some more details of the issue with ajax errors - 
    it is only occuring with videolist thumnails as far as i am aware, the errors do not appear when river addon is disabled -

    without river addon activated i see in the chromium console:
    GET 200 OK - http://www.mysite.com/mod/videolist/thumbnail.php?guid=2171 

    with river addon activated i see:
    GET 404 Not found - http://www.mysite.com/%22http:////www.mysite.com//mod//videolist//thumbnail.php?guid=2171\%22

  • ...it is the latest version of the river addon that is causing this

    Yes, it's my chrome css "fix" that does it. In river_addon/css.php, change the rule on line 39 to this,

    .elgg-sidebar .elgg-module {
        display: inline-block;

  • @ura I do not get any errors with videolist, I checked this plugin,



  • i changed the css you quoted, no change to the button's appearance.. hmm..

    that is the version of videolist that i used too yes. 

  • ah, the css change did bring back the owner block on the river page; i hadn't noticed it was missing.. 

  • @gillie Thanks for this add on it works great, with the only exeption that the Information tweets from Administrator dont show. I tuned it on check the language file "en.php" and the tweets text for all 4 are there, but wont show. This is the code:

     // sidebar tweets
            'river_addon:label:info'                => 'Information',
            'river_addon:tweet:1'                   => "You can change this text by editing the language file in river addon plugin",
            'river_addon:tweet:2'                   => 'Site administrator can deactivate this feature on the plugin settings page',
            'river_addon:tweet:3'                   => "This is a short message from the site administrator",


    Any advice on how to fix this?

  • Change the css as mentioned above. Which browser do you use?

  • wonderfull plugin, *recommend it* :)

    Now I have issue when using this plugin with Watch My Pages (http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1020937/0.1/watch-my-pages) ajax paginator.

    I narrowed it down to the page river.php (pages/river.php). If I replace it with default Elgg river.php or just comment out elgg_register_page_handler('activity', 'river_addon_river_page_handler') in start.php, no problems, ajax pagination works.

    I assume it is because Watch my pages just hides default pagination and still uses standard data and not data_options. Here is function from Watch my pages:

    return elgg_view('navigation/pagination', array_merge($params, array('hidden_paginator' => $return)));

    Any ideas how to make them both work?


  • @elgglover, a problem with ajax pagination has been mentioned in earlier comments - 2012.08.19 (41 days ago)

    I do not have time to look into this right now, but it would be nice to fix it though. If you come up with any solution, please let me know or add a pull request to github.

  • Gillie, thanks for reply and link to the thread, very interesting.

    I do like Hype stuff but like others mentioned with Hype comments it creates separate comment system which is cool but not very good overall.

    I will try to mess with HypeFramework and River addon see what I can come up with but I don't like using just HypeFramework alone as it is pretty "heavy" unless I'll be using other Hype plugins.

    Thanks again.

  • Thank you. The best solution would definitely be to add infinite/load more to river addon.

  • Yeah for sure, those would be great two features in Elgg.

    Reason I picked Watch my pages is because it adds infinite scroll to other pages as well while HypeFramework infinite works only on river/activity page (if you can get it to work).

    Watch my pages seems to just hides standard pagination and uses its data to display next page data via Jquery while Hype uses different approach.

    I don't understand why it won't work or how pagination is getting messed up enough for Watch my pages not to work because I can still see default pagination in the page source and River addon river.php file simply outputs river list via ajax.

    Don't know enough coding but will fiddle with it.


  • @elgglover, I think the problem is caused by elgg_is_xhr in river.php and some unnecessary code in components/list.php.

    I need to look a bit more into it.


  • Gillie, if you have time that would be great, I know you're busy.

    I really think those two functions combined will make huge difference on Elgg sites, maybe we can get some other Elgg brains envolved here too.

    I did look at both of those files and yes elgg_is_xhr and in list.php this part cought my eye

    if ($pagination && $count) { $ajaxify = false; if ($data_options) { $ajaxify = true; }

    Not sure if that is what the problem is but removing $ajaxify part did not make difference.


  • Hi, thanks for the plugin.

    I have a problem with friendsonline. All the div "responsecontainer" disappears when the timer function run.

    I test in all the browsers and it's the same problem.

    Do you solve this?

    thanks again

  • It should, if you don't have any friends or if no friends are online.

  • has anyone else tried/used/tested "Watch my pages" or any infinite scroll plugin with River_Addon?

    Having both functions on activity would be great addition to our Elgg sites.



  • I still can't get it to work :(

    Gillie, anyone?  any success?

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