River addon v2012.09.03

Release Notes

- Added: Friends and group membership count

- Added: Custom content as a setting option

- Fixed: bug in show_friends

  • I had some layout bugs in the last version Pers,not sure why, maybe a CSS conflict with my mods. I will try this one. Great great progress on this widgets and options, very cool and needed essential plugin. I have mentioned before, for many systems a "recommend friends" and "groups" widget using keywords would be next but that of course would require a system using keywords for friends and groups. Thank you!

  • thanks for the update :)
    friends now appears ok on the left for me.

    i like having the group and friends count.. some formatting of the digit would help too.. like a set of brackets around the number and maybe a hyphen .. like 'friends - (6)' instead of 'friends 6'.

  • I have Ismayil's Hype frame running and something must be conflicting the layouts. I get what should be right hand widgets lower left. I will have to wait and see how this might integrate with HypeStyle or whatever it is conflicting with. Looks great!

  • Glad you like it Michele.

    @TahoeBilly Yes, you mentioned problems with hype earlier. Others say it works.

    You could try reorder the plugins to see if that changes anything. But if you are using plugins that deal with similar views (river addon, 3c, hypealive) you will most likely run into something buggish.

  • Michele I forgot. I left a line in start.php that you can uncomment if you use donation plugin and want to show it in a sidebar module.

    //elgg_extend_view('page/elements/sidebar', 'donation/donation', 600);

  • I like this plugin, but alost every morning I see a new updated release :)

    With the same bug and I always ask for help :(

    The problem is when we enable Do you want to display Owner menu in sidebar? 

    Then on the site only shows empty space and does not show the menu. So I did research on my own after not getting any support from here :)

    Finally I found out this is a small bug which can be fixed easily, the thing is if you use google chrome then the menu will not visible only a blank space will come up in the site. I tested in Mozila works fine no problem but if we use goolge chrome then menue does not show.

    I hope author of this plugin will try to fix that because I love using elgg on google chrome and am sure lots of users using google chrome too :)

    Look forward for the fixture :)


  • Two people answered you last time you asked about this problem!

    When you discover a bug, it's always a good idea to tell a little about the circumstances under which it occurs. Who could know the error is in google Chrome?

    Open page/elements/ownermenu.php


    'class' => 'elgg-module-info',

    change it to,

    'class' => 'elgg-module-featured',

  • A few problems:

    1- if I choose to show the wire on the activity page it shows twice;

    2- if I choose to show admin tweets the don't show;

    3- adsense has a poor coverage (41,78%), i'm not sure it depends on this plugin...

    Thanks for the great work!

    all the best

    Giacomo the Jester

  • I think you have other plugins running, that might conflict.

    1. Check if you have other plugins that extend the activity page with the wire.

    2. Did you fill in number of tweets to display?

    3. This plugin does not add adsence.

  • thanks gille,

    1. I have no other plugins extending activiy page

    2. yes and I choose 2...

    3. I know, but following your hint I placed it in the left column

  • You do not give away to much information :) What does poor coverage 41,78% mean?

    You can have a look at adsense, thewire and admin tweets here. Clean elgg 1.8.8 installation and the latest version of river addon,



  • @gillie thanks...

    a few details more:

    1. I only have a version of elegance theme that I modified myself (no modifies for activity);

    2. see 1.

    3. adsense problem solved (maybe) the site was still within a password protected folder.

  • Did you test with elegance theme deactivated?

  • yes and I have got the same bugs...

    here's a list of active plugins on this website:

    Bookmarks 1.8 - Custom Index 1.8 - Elgg Developer Tools 1.0 - Embed 1.8.1 - Site Pages 1.8 - File 1.8.1 - Garbage Collector 1.5 - Groups 1.8 - HTMLawed 1.8 - Invite Friends 1.8 - Likes 1.8 - Log Browser 1.8 - Log Rotate 1.5 - Members 1.8 - Message Board 1.8 - Messages 1.8 - Notifications 1.7 - Pages 1.8 - Profile 1.8 - Reported Content 1.8 - Search 1.8 - The Wire 1.8 - TinyMCE 1.8 - User Validation by Email 1.8 - Elgg Social Login 1.0.5 - Green_Elegance_Theme 0.1 - notifications_tools 1.8  - Chat 1.5 - Mobilize 2012.04.29  - River Addon 2012.09.03  - Tidypics Photo Gallery 1.8.0-preview2 - Infinite scroll 0.4 - Suggested Friends 1.2

  • Don't know what's wrong, sorry.

    The tweet bug is probably caused by some javascript conflict, chat, infinite. I don't know the plugins.

    But that the wire form show twice! Should not be possible, unless you added the wire form in your edits.

  • I'm sure I didn't added the wire form in my edits... if I deactivate your plugin I don't have any wire form in activity page...

    javascript conflict comes from chat!!! thanks for the hint...

  • Do you have a link to your site, and login credentials?

  • @gillie

    sorry but one of my problems is the project is strictly reserved...

  • @Jester: LOLZ x 999 - you ain't gonna mucho code assistance if your 'project is strictly reserved'' & if yew cain't give Gillie access ;-P Becoz - needs to see the code in action in order to debug the code !  ain't taught Gllie how to read minds.. yet ;-)

  • @Dhrup that's my problem... :-(((

  • there is a missing clause in the logic for the tagcloud; the 'activity' context needs to be included in the if statement.. presently the tagcloud is duplicated on some pages on my site:


    if (elgg_get_context() == 'activity' && $plugin->show_tagcloud != 'no'){

  • you are welcome. :)
    i have another issue here that is seemingly quite important to resolve. 

    there is some kind of jquery glitch (in chromium) where errors are produced when the river refreshes, i am seeing repeated errors of the nature of:

    'http://test.infiniteeureka.com/%22http:////test.infiniteeureka.com//mod//izap-videos//_graphics//c-play.png/%22 404 (Not Found) '

    where extra slashes are appearing in urls .

    i don't know much more than that at the moment. 

  • Please let me know when you find out more or if you solve the bug. The "izap-videos" in your copy/paste, could be a clue.

  • looking in my server logs, there are many errors logged every 20 seconds from the activity page, pointing to an empty page:

    File does not exist: /mysite.com/"http:, referer: http://mysite.com/activity 

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